The Perfect Pattern for The Emily Dress


You all have asked and Emily has finally delivered. A couple years ago Emily’s brother asked her to wear a white dress to his wedding. It was hard finding that perfect dress, so Emily decided to make up her very own. After a few tweaks and adjustments she created the perfect pattern and now that pattern is here for you.

After she wore this dress a few times she realized she loved it and it was super simple to cut and sew together. That’s why she created it in a pink version for halloween, mustard, and made a v-neck version in the black dress (v-neck isn’t in the pattern).

As Emily continued to make more dresses, people kept asking where she got it or how they could make it themselves. That is why we have created The Emily Dress pattern just for you. It’s simple, classic, and you will be able to make the dress over and over again.


Ready to make an easy dress that everyone will ask you where you got it? Look no further than the simple Emily Dress. This pattern has sizing guides from xs-xl making it easy to work for everyone.

With simple instructions and a pattern you will be able to print over and over again with different sizing options, you will love the Emily Dress just as much, if not more, than everyone on Instagram has.

Once you download your PDFs you will be able to print them out, cut out the pattern, and make the dress you’ve been dreaming of owning.

What are you waiting for? Get the Emily Dress pattern today.


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