Kids Bathroom Remodel Details

What a fun time this was! When we purchased out house, this bathroom was the main thing that I said we have got to remodel and 2020-2021 was our years of remodeling and making some changes in our house. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and I figured I would share all the details with you.

Why this bathroom first?

A bathroom remodel isn’t easy or fun, but when everything is done it is oh so worth it. This bathroom is basically a guest bathroom, but also so many things we wanted to update: the vanity, tub, and tile. These are big things for sure, but changing them also made the biggest difference. 

Here’s the main stuff

The first thing we got was our vanity. It’s from Pottery Barn, but we got it from a local store that offers scratch and dent items. We got it for a killer price, but would have paid full price because it was exactly what we were wanting. 

One thing I wanted was a bigger tub. I barely fit in our old tub, and I love taking a tub. I needed it to be bigger, better, and absolutely beautiful. We got ours from Kohler and it’s seriously amazing. If you are getting this, make sure to know if you need the right or left hand drain. We got a right-hand drain. 

Two things to think about when it comes to tile. I wanted to go to a local company (support local) that wasn’t known, but I knew it was going to be trustworthy because a friend from my mission works there. Kolter walked me through all the different types of tile and then recommended a tile person (the second thing) that I needed. Majestic Stone Import was absolutely amazing to work with, lots of variety, and amazing quality tiles. 

We got three bids for tile work and the one we went with was the best price. His work was absolutely amazing and I would recommend him to anyone. DM me on Instagram if you are interested and need a Utah local tile guy. 

All the little details

And now for the little things: lighting, baskets, towel hooks, mirrors, paint color. Here are all the links to everything we got—enjoy!

Mirrors | Home Depot
Sconce Lights | Amazon
Baskets | T.J. Maxx
Towel Hooks | Rejuvenation
Window Frosting | Lowe’s
Paint | Repose Gray Sherman William 25%
Bath Mat | Crate & Barrel
Shower Curtain | Anthropolgie