My Marathon Training Plan | Free Printable

My marathon training plan happened and totally worked. After following along, for the past year, you’re now motivated to run a marathon, right? Okay, maybe a marathon is a little much. A half marathon is fun to do too. I figured I would share with you want I did to make this happen and hopefully it motivates you to do either a 5k or marathon.

Marathon Training Week 18 | This Damn Inversion by The Modern Dad

First, it took me a while to get up to three miles a day. I started by running on a treadmill because it was easier to get my exact miles in. For months I was on just the treadmill and wouldn’t step outside no matter what you offered me.

When searching for a marathon training schedule, the majority of them are 16-week long. That was perfect for me. I marked my calendar 16-weeks before my race and knew I would be ready to go.

Best part, I have created a printable marathon training schedule for you here.

The great thing about having a printable training plan is that it keeps you motivated. I love to check things off or cross them out. When I printed this out, I was able to actually cross out the runs after I completed them. But to have a digital copy on you phone is nice to as a quick reference to what mileage you have to do.

My Marathon Training Plan | Free Printable by The Modern Dad

As far as my music goes, I had to have a playlist that kept me motivated. It was changing throughout the entire time. But finally, I ended up on a great mix of quick motivating songs. Check it out here.

I noticed that as I was running and listening to podcasts, it slowed me down. I still ran, but music gives me a beat to pace myself to. So if you need a good, upbeat playlist, or just new songs to workout to, check out my favorite running playlist.

My Marathon Training Plan | Free Printable by The Modern Dad

And can we talk clothes for a second too? I am officially in love with Hoka One One running shoes. Literally, feel like running on a marshmallow. So soft and super comfortable. If you are a Utah local, RunGr8 Running Center has them AND if those aren’t right for you, they will get you the perfect pair.

One trick I learned, after I already had my shoes, was to get a size larger. This will help prevent you from getting runners toe, or in my case losing your entire toenail. The larger size will not affect your running at all. Just something to remember.

My Marathon Training Plan | Free Printable by The Modern Dad

After all the running, Oliver’s All Over Short are by far my favorite running shorts. The length is perfect, pockets are deep, and they are super comfortable. You know when you run with a phone in your pocket, it swings all around. Super annoying. I never had that happen with these those and I love them. The material wears well too.

Before I started running, I would wear much longer shorts. I finally learned how much more comfortable it is to wear the shorter running shorts. I will say, I don’t go as far as the 5” inseam, but they are way shorter than what I ever used to wear. So when you are getting shorts, try something new because it will make a difference and you never know what you like until you try others.

Finally, fixing the issue of chafing. Two things totally helped me with this. I don’t have a thigh gap, so this is a real issue for me. The first thing I thought was the issue was the fact that my thighs rub together. Really though, it was more than that.

My Marathon Training Plan | Free Printable by The Modern Dad

I got Body Glide and it totally works. I love it because not only do I use it on my inner thighs, but also on my nipples. Ladies, I get it! When you say we don’t get the pain from raw nipples I have experienced that. My nipples were bleeding because of my shirts rubbing on them so much and once I got Body Glide it helped a ton.

So use it for chafing, raw nipples, or if you have issues anywhere rubbing. Really, it will change your life and you can get it here.

But once I tried new underwear, that is where the difference really happened. For years only would wear Under Armour compression shorts and they didn’t do it for me. I blew them out regularly, but once I switched to so many others, I realized those weren’t right for me.

My Marathon Training Plan | Free Printable by The Modern Dad

My favorites are Saxx, Russell Athletics, and Nike training shorts. Seriously, they have made the biggest difference and I don’t think I can go back to Under Armour because of it. Saxx and Russell have all over protection, but the Nike shorts never gave me issues with chafing. I seriously will recommend them to everyone from here on out.

Running is officially my thing. I am excited for the next race that I am going to sign up for, but taking a break until my toenail is feeling a little bit better.

My Marathon Training Plan | Free Printable by The Modern Dad

Comparing this time and the last time I ran a marathon I would say this time was much better. My music worked the entire time. I was able to train the entire time and it made a huge difference (hour and a half faster). But my favorite part was that I had cheerleaders cheering me on more than just the finish line. That makes a huge difference—for sure!

Here is the thing though, once people have read that I finished this marathon they say, “I have always wanted to do a marathon.” People, you can do it! The entire time training no one really believed that I was going to actually do it. Not only did I do it, I completed that and many other races this year.