20 Daddy Daughter Date Ideas – Toddler Edition

What is cuter than a dad and his little girl? My daughter and I have a special bond where we have fun playing in her room with her babies/dolls, dressing up, or just playing hide and seek. We love going on our daddy daughter dates and I thought I would share some of my favorites.

20 Daddy Daughter Date Ideas – Toddler Edition by The Modern DadHere are 20 daddy daughter date ideas we have done and you might enjoy trying too.

  1. Go to the park – Visit a local neighborhood park. My daughter takes a while to start climbing up to the slide or getting on the swings. When we go to the park, we do it together. I climb up to the top of the slide with her, and swing right next to her. I do love that I can figure out a workout at the park too if needed, but we both still have fun.
  2. Play at Home – This idea may sound lazy, but taking that time for your daughter, specifically she will always cherish. With the colder weather, it’s great time to pull out the bubbles, side walk chalk, or pull out the TeeNee TeePee.
  3. Visit a local library – Libraries are free which is great in and of itself, but can really be fun too. Something about the quietness of the library puts your child into a trance where they too will stay quiet. Not only that, but my daughter loves when I read to her and I love letting her pick the books she wants me to read.
  4. Home Depot Kids Workshop – Normally I am not one to head into a Home Depot, but these FREE Kids Workshops are weekly and absolutely fantastic. This is specifically for kids so they aren’t going to be doing anything that would harm them. Plus, everyone loves getting an adorable Home Depot apron they can take home.
  5. Visit a Play Gym – When you were little did you ever go to Discovery Zone? How freaking fun was that place as a child? I loved it, but of course they are no longer around. Thankfully there are places like The Little Gym where you can do classes and get the wiggles out—for both of you.
  6. Grab Some Ice Cream – Read my favorite Utah local places here.
  7. Children’s Museums – Being trapped inside will drive anyone crazy. It does to me every single time I am stuck at home all day. But when weather isn’t the best you need places to take your date like a children’s museum. We love going to local places like: Thanksgiving Point, Discover Gateway, or Treehouse Children’s Museum.
  8. Ride Bikes – At the park, through the neighborhood, or on local trails. Keep it simple and fun, but don’t forget safety helmets.
  9. Breakfast-For-Dinner Date – Go to a local diner or waffle house and enjoy your favorite breakfast foods at night. My daughter loves waffles and so this is always a hit to get her to eat her dinner.
  10. Tour the Local Fire Station – There is so much to learn and see at the fire station. Firefighters are usually open to giving tours and teaching kids about the fire trucks and engines in between runs. It is also a great way for your little one to take some treats you make together to the firefighters to say thank you for their service to the community.
  11. Take a Trip to the Grocery Store – This gives you, the dad, an opportunity to pick up some groceries while also having fun with your little girl. My daughter loves going to the grocery store, especially when they provide little shopping carts for her to push around. I like to let her pick some “groceries” herself.
  12. Hit Up a Pet Store – I hate animals, but my kids love them. To make it so that they will still get that excitement over seeing the fun animals, we take a trip to the pet store. If you are strong at saying no, you can have a great time at the pet store without having to take home a fury little friend.
  13. Swimming – Visit your local pool, the beach, or the lake. We like to bring along our favorite floaties, snacks, and pack plenty of sunscreen. Recently, I went to the pool with my daughter and was shocked with how much she loved splashing, climbing around, and kicking water on me.
  14. Photobooth – Head to your local mall, arcade, or anywhere that has a photo booth. Both of you get in your Sunday best, or wear a silly outfit and get that moment captured in a hard copy photo from a photo booth.
  15. Movie Night of Their Choice – I can’t tell you how many times we have watched Trolls. But my daughter loves it and we do a movie night together where we get pizza, pop some popcorn, and get a few snacks to watch a movie that she loves. As long as I get to be with her, I don’t care what movie we’re watching.
  16. The Theater – Not the movie theater, but take your daughter to the stage. We have local children theater companies that frequently do fun child friendly productions.
  17. Slumber Party – It’s super simple, but we will do a slumber party in my daughter’s room. It’s fun just to gather a bunch of blankets and pillows then sleep on the floor in her room. Yes, I wake up with aches and pains, but the memories we have together make it worth it every single time.
  18. Chick-Fil-A – No brainer.
  19. Local Zoo or Aquarium – If you have local zoo or aquarium this is always a great idea. My daughter loves animals. She loves the one-on-one time with dad at the zoo. And sometimes we grab a simple snack and enjoy the creatures together.
  20. Teach Them Something New – Do something you always loved as a kid that maybe your child doesn’t do, like flying a kite or rollerskating.

20 Daddy Daughter Date Ideas – Toddler Edition by The Modern DadDon’t worry mom, you don’t need to feel left you. You can use these daddy daughter date ideas too, or make them an entire family activity. Whatever it is, make time for family and enjoy that time together.