Stuffed Chicken – Dinner Must Have

I love eating chicken, but when you eat it almost everyday you want to have some way to eat it differently. It’s simple to throw some chicken on a BBQ and make up a simple dinner, but what do you do when you feel like you are burnt out on chicken?

Stuffed Chicken – Dinner Must Have by The Modern DadHave I got the perfect suggestion for you? Stuffed chicken breasts have come to being our favorite must have dinner options. They are super simple, you just throw them on the grill or in the oven and they are so delicious.

Stuffed Chicken – Dinner Must Have by The Modern DadI have a tendency to want to just eat the same thing over and over because it’s easy for me and I can make a bunch at one time. Getting home from work, after eating grilled chicken day after day again I want something unique and delicious but also chicken.

Stuffed Chicken – Dinner Must Have by The Modern DadWell, Meier’s Meats & Fine Foods has created the most delicious dinner options. Head to their meat section, pick up one of their amazing stuffed chicken breasts. We grabbed chicken stuffed with prosciutto and smoked cheese and chicken mignon wrapped with bacon. Are you kidding me? They were so easy to put with asparagus or green beans. It was such a delicious dinner and I would go back there in a second to grab more.

Stuffed Chicken – Dinner Must Have by The Modern DadWhen you have a wild toddler that isn’t wanting to nap anymore you need something to make that is quick, easy and delicious. These are the perfect options that make a delicious dinner, but also includes more flavor than just chicken. I love how Meier’s has included products that have such great flavor and made my life so much easier. There are plenty of options if these aren’t your favorite. So head over and try them out, you will be very happy you listened to be on this one.