Loud Kids in Church? This Will Help

Look, I am right there with the next person. When I am at church and the people behind me have kids being crazy, the kids next to me are jumping all over the place, and the kids in front of me won’t face forward and stop staring at me. I just can’t handle it. I think it gives me anxiety and I start to freak out.

What if I told you that I have found the most amazing way to keep ALL those kids entertained and not annoying everyone in the meeting, would you believe me?

::Heirloom LDS Theme::

::Heirloom LDS Theme::

My dear friend has created the most amazing and unique looking quiet books. It’s funny because we sit by each other at church and when any of those crazy kids are out of control (or just being kids) she will pull out her magical quiet book, pass it over to them, and instantly they are entertained. Even my baby is entertained by the colors and textures in the books.


  1. Jessica
    01.24.2014 / 8:44 am

    $300.00 for a quiet book?! No offense, but that’s outrageous!

    • 01.24.2014 / 9:00 am

      These are amazing books! My wife had made some and won’t even sell them because of all the time it takes to make them. Not to mention the materials.

  2. mandy
    01.24.2014 / 10:13 am

    Hey Jessica, they take over 50 hours to make one. I have seen them and they are so worth it! If she didn’t charge that much, she wouldn’t make any money. It’s truly an heirloom!