Marathon Training Week 10 | Magical Disney Motivation

Recently, my family was able to go to Disneyland over the Thanksgiving holiday. As bad as you think it would have been with long lines and major crowds you’d be surprised—it wasn’t bad. When you are surrounded with all that food and walking around it makes you think that it’s okay to eat another churro. How do you keep up training when you are in the happiest place on earth?

img_0466There is something magical about Disneyland over the holidays. Maybe it’s the decorations, hustle and bustle of getting on as many rides as possible, or just being with family, but it’s so amazing. I had two goals going into this trip: don’t gain weight and get at least five miles in a day.

Of course I knew that I was going to easily get those numbers in (as far as steps go), but how was I going to make it feel effective in my training? Anytime we decided what ride we wanted to get a fast pass for I was always the first to offer getting it. I loved it most when the ride was on the complete opposite side of the park because I would get more of a workout in. Never do I just walk to the ride, but I run there. Anything to help get my heart rate up was beneficial to me.

Marathon Training Week 10 | Magical Disney Motivation by The Modern DadThen when it comes to food, that’s where the real struggle happens. We like to do Disneyland like this: ride, churro, ride, ice cream, ride, popcorn, etc. Constantly snacking throughout the day, but including meals to keep our energy up. The first day was easy to not go crazy on the unhealthy food because my son was sick. All I could worry about was that he didn’t throw up or have an accident.

This would only last so long. Before we knew it he was back to normal wanting to eat everything in sight. I don’t know where he gets that from, but it clearly runs in the family. Now when he constantly wants to eat and my pregnant wife needs something it makes it difficult. I decided that I wasn’t going to not eat certain things, but just not eat as much as I usually would. We’re in Disneyland for crying out loud. If I want to eat an ice cream cone, then I am going to do it.

Marathon Training Week 10 | Magical Disney Motivation by The Modern DadLike the old saying goes though, all good things must come to an end. As great as being in Disneyland was, it was time to come home to real life and get back to work. Does that mean that I have to lose the Disney spirit in my workouts though? Sure doesn’t. So for this week while running I had a Disney only playlist that keep me motivated and excited to keep going.

Magical Disney Playlist

Moana | You’re Welcome

Zootopia | Try Everything

Wreck It Ralph | When Can I See You Again?

Goofy Movie | I2I

Brother Bear | On My Way

Hercules | Zero To Hero

Newsies | The World Will Know

Aladdin | One Jump Ahead

Tarzan | Strangers Like Me

Lion King | I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

These songs are great for running and keeping you at a good pace. This is especially a good playlist when I want to go running with the kids, but don’t use my headphones. This way we are all enjoying the music and they can sing along as I pound the pavement.

Give them a try and let me know what you think. Maybe I am missing one. Put your favorite workout Disney songs in the comments. I love adding new tunes to my playlists.