Marathon Training Week 24 | Spring in My Step

Utah is finally warming up and with Spring just around the corner I have been wanting more and more to be outside. There is something about the warming up and changing of the seasons that makes me want to change my daily routine.

Marathon Training Week 24 | Spring in My Step by The Modern DadUsually, when we lose an hour because of daylight savings, I am exhausted every morning. I don’t know what’s happening, but I am even more awake since springing forward. Morning runs have been even better with this because I have been able to wake up earlier and can really wake up before heading out.

The hard part is I will be at work all day sitting at a desk, but looking out the window at the amazing weather. Thankfully I get an hour reminder to at least get up and move. My work is also great with promoting a healthy life, so getting up to move is a normal thing around here.

When you are sitting at a desk, the moment you go home you don’t want to be inside at all. Ask my wife, I walk in the door, change into my activewear and want to get out on a walk. We literally do the exact same route every day and I love it. I love it because we walk with the kids. Then we get to really talk about all the things that happened that day.

Another thing that I love about this weather is that I really can run outside. Not only can I run outside, but I can take my kids with me. When the weather is warmer I don’t feel as bad having them in stroller. I hate taking them out in the stroller and if they get sick I always feel like it’s my fault.

Honestly, I just getting out and enjoying the weather, warmth and not just being a treadmill for an hour. Plus, it’s nice to get the kids out of the house. We always end out fun little run with a stop at the park. This really gets their wiggles out before bed.

Hopefully, you’re all getting more spring in your step. Now that the weather has warmed up, the kids enjoy being out of the house you should enjoy it too.