Skip the Lines with Skip

One thing that stresses me out more than anything is the grocery store. I will run in, grab a couple things I need, and then you hit the lines. I am too impatient to wait in a line when my wife and kids are in the car screaming—all of them! Thankfully there is a way to skip the lines and it has blown my mind.

Skip the Lines with Skip by The Modern DadMacey’s grocery store has the option to skip the lines by using the Skip app. It’s a lifesaver, super easy, and when you need to get in and out of the store in a hurry it’s what every parent is wanting.

What you do is download the app and it will tell you which stores are nearby that you can use it. We went to Macey’s in Holladay and loved it. You’ll scan your items and it will show you the total so there is no more guessing on how much you’re spending. Do you have a grocery budget? Skip will tell you exactly how much you will be spending.

Skip the Lines with Skip by The Modern DadSpeaking of budgeting on groceries, are you clipping coupons? That is now a thing of the past. With Skip, coupons are built-in and pop up whenever you can use them. So no more needing to bring that bulky coupon holder—you can Skip over that too.

Now you have everything you need, you’ll check out on your phone, and then you walk out. It’s that simple. Don’t worry, I talked to the clerk about it and they get a notification that someone has used it. They won’t bother you unless you’re making a large purchase and they will basically check your receipt.

Skip the Lines with Skip by The Modern DadNo more waiting in line when you are just running in to grab those treats for the soccer game you signed up for. You can run in, grab what you need, and run out. It’s as simple as that.

Even better new, when you use code “moderndad” as your referral code. Just go to the wallet, and in the right top corner you’ll see “Get Free Money”. Tap that and enter this referral code. You will then get a code and can referrer you friends so you start earning money.

Skip the Lines with Skip by The Modern DadTry it out and let me know what you think. Personally, I am hooked and hope to Skip more lines more often.