Small Changes, Big Results

One day I got up and said, “You know what? I am going to run another marathon!” However, it was not the next day that I ran that marathon. It was small steps, making a difference and making small changes in my life. Now I am about to run my third marathon and it’s from making these changes giving a big result.

Other Small Changes

Small changes can make a big difference in more than just running. What if instead of using a plastic bag you had reusable Ziptucks? Maybe instead of a plastic water bottle you used a glass one? And how about instead of using plastic sponges you switched to a natural cellulose sponge. 

For me, these things seem so simple and could they really make a difference? Of course they can. I was thinking about it and we go through a box of 50 sandwich bags in a month. You take that in a year, that’s 600 bags. This adds up quick. So year, a simple step in getting a reusable bag like the Ziptucks we have really does make a difference. 

Start with a Sponge

Think about a sponge. You use it on dishes, counter tops, multiple surfaces. Then, you get rid of it once it starts looking bad and grab a new one, right? But do you think about those sponges you are throwing away? Just because the sponge is gross looking doesn’t mean that it’s going to be biodegradable. 

A year’s worth of discarded sponges from one household could take up landfill space for upwards of 52,000 years. 

— Green Cleaning Magazine

What if you replaced that sponge with a cellulose sponge from Full Circle that can be reused repeatedly, but also know that this is biodegradable. For me, it helps me realize that I am doing a small part of making a difference. 

What Will You Start?

If there is anything that I have learned from my time working on that internet as an “infulencer” it’s that we really can gather together and unite one another to make a difference. Like when I said I was going to run a marathon, I started with small steps. Now I have inspired other to get up and move. This is the same thing. Let’s get up and move!

What is one thing you could change? One thing that maybe seems like a small thing, but really when you think about it can make a big difference? Let us all gather and try one of these things.