We Got a Baby Monitor | Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor Review

When we lived in the condo we owned a monitor, but never got it to work and gave up on the thing. Once we moved to our house where we would be downstairs or out in the yard while the baby was sleeping, I knew it was time for something better. Well, we found that perfect baby monitor for a large house—Cubo Ai!

Cubo Ai  | Simple Set-Up

Trying to put things together, lots of parts and pieces, or having to install something onto a wall isn’t for me. This baby monitor is very far from that. Besides its adorable look (this fun little bird) the set up was quite simple, even for me.

There are three simple choices for set up: floor mounted, crib mounted, or on a piece of furniture. We went with the floor mount and from there it was a breeze to put together. Five simple steps of instructions that even a guy that hates reading instructions could do.

After you have everything set up, your bird camera perched up on the stand, you are ready to connect your camera to the app on your phone.

Connecting Cubo Ai to Your Phone

This was simple but took me a few tries to get it to connect. On the side of your bird camera there is a main button, this button changes colors depending on what is going on: ready to connect, connected but not syncing, etc. 

After it connected, I was instantly obsessed with the clarity from the camera. We were so used to seeing video or images that were a little grainy and the Cubo Ai does not have any of that. Giving you clear video and the ability to view recording to live footage. 

Once I had it connected to my phone, it was simple to take Emily’s phone, download the app, and scan the QR code to sync her to all the live footage. Now we both can see what’s going on anytime we want. 

Traveling? Take Cubo With You

When we go to Hawaii or Spring City with family we would try taking our monitor with us. Never were we able to use it because the reach wasn’t going far at all. That is not an issue with this baby monitor. 

The great part is, you can take the basic stand with you when you travel and still have the benefits of home wherever you are. If you are anything like me, you are an even more paranoid parent when you aren’t in your own home, but the Cubo Ai relieves you of such paranoia. 

Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor Review: Features and Benefits

Once I connected to the app, my phone instantly started getting notifications on what was happening, “Baby’s head may be covered”, “Baby is out of crib” Emily had gone to get her, “Room temperature is a little high”. 

The Cubo Ai is also compatible with my Apple watch and getting notifications too. For me this is my favorite because I could be working out and get a notification on what is going on that I may need to get back to Alice and help her. 

Want to check on your child at night? Well, with the HD night vision camera you will see them crystal clear. Now you can see your sleeping baby in the dark and not have to disturb them unless they really need you.

Cubo Ai’s Cry Detection alert can let you know via your Cubo app if something’s wrong so you can rush to their side. We love this feature because we may be outside in the backyard working, vacuuming out the van in the garage, or watching a movie in the basement. With this feature we know if Alice is crying and can check her and rush up if needed. 

These are my favorite features, but really there are so many things you will love about the Cubo Ai:

● 18-hour playback 

● 2-way audio 

● No visible red light 

● Temperature & humidity detection 

● Built-in night light 

● 3-way stand that grows with your baby!

Pricing and an Exclusive Saving for You

Being an amazing product the price is actually completely reasonable: $299 USD. But, if you use my code CUBOMODERN you get an amazing saving and it only costs $184 USD! Now that is a deal no one can pass up saving you over $100. 

I promise you this is a product I wish was around when we had our first child six years ago. Thankfully though, so much has improved since then. This really is the best smart baby monitor and I promise you will love it just as much as I do.

*This is a sponsored post by Cubo Ai, but all the opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand.