Favorite Fall Decor Roundup

There is nothing we love more than decorating our home for the holidays! This year is a little different because we don’t have a home to decorate. So to help ease the desire, we’ve come up with a post with all of our fall favorites. 

Decorating doesn’t have to be an extreme sport! Simple items that you have at home can make your home feel festive for each holiday. We love pulling books, vases, and faux flowers/plants that have the colors of the holiday we are decorating for.


Start small. Dish towels are an easy way to make your kitchen festive for the season. We love Geometry Towels! The quality is unmatched and they serve two purposes 1. Darling decor  and 2. A functioning kitchen towel. Check out their fall/halloween line! Make sure you use code MODERNDAD for an additional discount.

If you just go simple, the fall Geometry Towel collection is perfect right now. You have to go check them all and believe me when you see them you will love them all. We got them…and the Halloween ones. We couldn’t help it!

Just go check out their towels and believe me, you will not regret it. If anything, you are going to want more after you get your first one.


A little color to your porch goes a long way! We have loved our Coffee Filter Wreath from Knot and Spool. We add seasonal ribbons and bring a little flair to the front door.

They have ribbons for every color, season and taste. You can choose your own or purchase the remade bundles they have in store or online. Make the first step into your home a memorable one.


I don’t think it’s ever too early to bring the smells of fall into your home! Our favorite fall smell is Simmered Cider! It has the strongest scent and can be burned for just a few minutes and it lingers for hours. It will leave everyone falling for fall! Jolley’s is our favorite place to get seasonal scented candles! We are always a sucker for a new scent!


I love to mix a little fall and Halloween decor starting in September. Then after Halloween I remove the spooky decor and leave up my fall decor until Thanksgiving. Here is a collection of my Fall favorites.


Is it ever too soon to decorate for Halloween? If our house were ready, we would have it up! It is the thing that gets us excited for the seasons and helps us get into the spirit of fall fun! Here is a little collection of my Halloween Favorites.