Smartening Up Our Thermostat

I know, it’s 2020, where we are connecting more things to our phones and Alexa: lights, monitors, security systems, and even your thermostat. When we bought our house about three years ago, we knew we wanted to make these simple installations one at a time, and now that we found the perfect thermostat, we are ready.

The LUX CS1 Smart Thermostat

Our thermostat isn’t original to the house since it was built in 1963, but it’s pretty old. I wanted a thermostat I could not only control from my phone, but also gave me notifications if there were changes. 

The LUX CS1 Smart Thermostat from Johnson Controls  offers the features I have been looking for:

  • Home & Away Aware™: a geofencing feature that monitors whether you’re home or away for effortless savings
  • Alerts: undesired room temperature, filter replacement
  • Smart Reports: energy usage and utility costs
  • LUX app: Available on iOS and Android devices for maximum control
  • Voice compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Basically, everything you are looking for in a new thermostat. And the best part, it’s just $99!

Installation, Even I Could Do It

We all know, I am not a tool owner, but am slowly and surely becoming more and more of a DIYer. Especially when it comes to simple things around the house, and this was no exception. I worry when it comes to electronics, but installing this was a piece of cake.

Removing our old thermostat was the hardest part. Screws were warped and made things difficult. But once it was all figured out it went smoothly.

Best part, all you need are two tools to make this installation happen. And if you know me and my lack of tools this made it even simpler to do. Just grab your Phillips screwdriver and smartphone (which we all have).

Check out the LUX CS1 here.

Easy Access, Easy Control

You’ve got your thermostat installed, now it’s easy to control everything from your phone. With the LUX App, you can change the temperature, create a schedule for your air to run, and so much more.

We love it because if we go out of town, we can turn our air off to save energy. Then, as we are about to leave to come home, we can turn it back on so our home is comfortable when we return.  It’s perfect!

If you are looking for an affordable smart thermostat with a clean look, simple usage, and benefits you’ve been looking for, then the LUX CS1 is exactly what you need. Visit the LUX website to get one today and start enjoying the comfortit brings to your life. Plus, be sure and enter the code ModernDad (no spaces) at check-out for 10% off your LUX CS1!

*This is a sponsored post by Johnson Controls, but all the opinions are my own and not influenced by the brand.