Back to School Breakfast of Champions

This year has been all over the place, especially when it comes to traditions we like to do, but we have decided that with our kids starting to head back to school (physically and remotely) we would start a new tradition. Instead of doing a back to school dinner party, why not do a back to school breakfast?

Breakfast, The Most Important Meal


We’ve all heard it, right? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with our kids going back to school what a great way to get them started on the right foot for the year, but also get into the habit of healthy breakfasts each and every day.

But it’s all about balance. Having a healthy, well balanced meal is exactly what our kids are needing these days. One thing that always needs to be included in those breakfasts for your little champions is our favorite­, Florida Orange Juice.

Why Should You Include Florida Orange Juice?


Florida Orange Juice provides many nutrients every growing child needs as they are heading back to school.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which is important for skin and bone health, and well as immune system function. All things that are great when starting back in school. Not only does 100% orange juice have Vitamin C, but potassium which is a crucial mineral that is needed for the heart, kidneys, muscles, and other organs to function properly. And let’s not forget thiamin which helps with energy metabolism for cell growth, development, and function.

All those things aren’t just great for kids, but clearly great for adults too. And if you are pregnant, listen up! Have you ever heard of folate? It is essential for pregnant women, and as part of a well-balanced diet, may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in adults.


Best of all, with it’s naturally high-water content, Florida Orange Juice can help keep you hydrated. Good hydration brings so many benefits for not only your kids, but as adults too. Drinking plenty of Florida OJ (8 oz for adults and 4-6 oz for kids) during this school year will benefit everyone.

What a Back to School Breakfast Needs


Now, if you are planning a back to school breakfast you need to make sure it’s not just a bunch of bowls of cereal. Make it special and something they aren’t always having. This is going to be the meal that not only starts the first day of school, but also their entire school year.


We wanted to incorporate items that would pair well with Florida Orange Juice. That meant some delicious stacks of pancakes, freshly grated hash browns, mounds of scrambled eggs, and sizzling bacon. Put that all with a nutritious glass of Florida OJ and I would say you have a meal fit for a king (or a bunch of school kids ready to take on the school year).

Back to School Traditions

No matter what your kids are doing this year as far as going back to school, I think it’s always fun to keep traditions alive or make new ones. We love doing back to school shopping and then doing a fashion show with all our cousins.


Adding a back to school breakfast this year was a great way to get the kids excited and on the right foot for a healthy education. Not only will we carry on this tradition each year, but we can incorporate 100% orange juice into our routines every morning to keep their brains alert, immune system functioning, and help give our kids the energy they need.

Are there traditions your family does each year? Tell me all about them in the comments and let’s share back to school traditions.