We’re Skiers Now, Let’s Make Skiing Affordable

Well, we went skiing and the kids absolutely loved it! All four of them had the time of their lives and are constantly asking me every day when we can go again.

Now here’s my personal opinion. I am willing to pay just about any amount for getting my kids out a during Utah winter months, being active together as a family, and tiring them out. Skiing checked all those boxes for me!

But here is the thing, skiing can be pricey! I am on a mission to find all the best options so you feel like it’s not as overwhelming.

Do kids really ski free?

When I asked about this on Instagram, the majority of people said that it was a thing. And turns out, they are right—kind of!

Each ski resort has their own individual programs that they offer as far as “kids skiing free.” But the good news for you, all of those programs can be found right here.

Really, look at all the different options because there are different ages and different offers, but they are all specific to each resort and I don’t want you to go thinking all kids are free anytime and that is clearly not the case.

But, have you heard about the passport program?

Passport program—genius!

If you have a 4, 5, or 6 grader, listen up! Seriously, the passport program is an unbelievable deal that no one can pass up on.

What is the passport program? Well, glad you asked!

Utah is full of so many resorts and this program gives access to all 15 of them. Each child gets to go to each resort three times. That’s 45 days of skiing and the cost is only $89! Did you catch that? It’s only $89!!!

When I heard about this, I had to get Nixon on board! Even if you go ONE TIME it’s paid for itself because that $89 is less than a day pass at any resort. What a freaking deal!

They recently added sixth graders as an option, so if you have one take full advantage of this because this is a major way to save on skiing. Not only are you saving, but what a great way to get to experience all the different resorts Utah has to offer. Because trust me, they are all very different from one another.

And just so you are aware, this isn’t just for Utah residents. Anyone with a child in these grades can take advantage of this deal.

Where should you ski?

Since Utah has so many resorts, there is a perfect place for everyone. When we went as a family, we did Snowbasin and completely loved it. The views were spectacular, wasn’t wildly crowded, and was fun for everyone since none of us had ever been there.

Emily and I both grew up going to Brighton. She would go there because her grandparents had a cabin close by and so they went frequently.

My friends and I went because it was much cheaper and allowed snowboarding.

Really though, there is a resort for everyone at every single budget.

Rent or buy equipment?

Now, here is where the price of the sport can be scary. Clearly, if you are buying ski gear it’s going to get pricey, but there are plenty of places that sell used gear. PLENTY!!! The prices aren’t ridiculous either. Totally affordable. The thing to think about though, you will have to get them tuned up, waxed, and working correctly. That is where the cost can be a lot. But, it’s always nice to have your own stuff.

We rented and felt like it was a great option. One, you are getting the best of the best stuff without having to buy it. You can do one time rentals, and that’s great, but there is also a season rental plan that is totally affordable too.

Just quickly looking at a rental place close to where we live the prices for adults ranges from $150-280 for the season! If you’re skiing with your child that’s doing the passport program, the cost breaks down to $6.22 per day ($280/45 days). Super cheap! And that is for the premium set. Absolutely affordable.

Make winter months memorable again

For years I had complained about living in Utah during the winter months. Never been a fan of the snow because everyone hates living in it, driving in it, and especially what the winter weather does to your mental health.

Once we went out and went skiing as a family my attitude completely changed. Now we get excited when we hear that there is snow coming because we could get outside and enjoy a half day up on the mountain together.

If you have ever not enjoyed the snow, maybe it’s because you aren’t doing things that are enjoyable in the snow.

Give skiing a try. I for sure thought that I wasn’t going to enjoy it. Clearly I assumed my kids wouldn’t want to do it again. Worst of all, I had the mindset of not even trying it because of the time and effort it takes to get four kids (and their stuff) anywhere.

Don’t do that! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and enjoy being in the outdoors during these months. Even if skiing doesn’t become your thing, that’s okay. At least you tried. But you will never know if you like it or not without at least trying one time.