Emily’s January Reads

Emily loves to read! She always have a book going, especially this year as she has spent most of her day in the car, transporting kids to and from Salt Lake to Bountiful. Here are the books she read this month.

Also, a little run down of the story line and rate them too.

Emily’s January Books

“Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow” by Gabrielle Zevin

A wonderful story about two unlikely friends who connect through video games. The characters are endearing and the message of love and struggle, inspiring.

Emily rated this book a 5/5.

“Romantic Comedy” by Curtis Sittenfeld 

Truly what the title says, a romantic comedy. The main character is a writer for the equivalent of SNL, a comedy show. She finds an unlikely romance with a guest musician from the show. I loved how it focused on self discovery and really taking time to find yourself before connecting with others.

Emily rated this book a 4/5.

“Crossing to Safety” by Wallace Stegner

This is a heartwarming story about two very different couples who meet during the Great Depression and form a life long bond. They are different in every way but one thing ties them together. It will leave you wanting more! Even better, it is free on Audible.

Emily rated this book a 4/5.

“Winter Garden” by Kristin Hannah

If you know Kristin Hannah, then you know this is a historical fiction. This book takes the tale of two estranged sisters and their complicated relationship with their Russian mother. They come together as they experience a hardship and are surprised to find the most magical connection in the end.

Emily rated this book a 3/5.

“101 Essays that will Change the way you Think” by Brianna Wiest

I loved this book! It was life spending time with a life coach. She will open your mind to see life and circumstances with new eyes. It is definitely worth the read. Plus it is free on Audible.

Emily rated this book a 5/5.

“Ordinary Grace” by William Kent Krueger

Have you ever read a book and wondered why you are reading it? It just doesn’t flow or make sense at first. That was me for almost the entire book. At only a few chapters left I took away the greatest lessons of forgiveness and miracles. It is a free Audible read and worth listening to for the lessons you get at the end of the book.

Emily rated this book a 3/5.

Recent kid books

The next set of books were read with the kids as we traveled to and from school. It has been a great way for them to use their imaginations and to keep the car rides engaged and fun.

“Whatever After” by Sarah Mlynowski

This is a fun series! A girl named Abby gets a magical mirror that takes her into fairy tales. You learn about the original book of each fairy tale and get to participate as she finds a way out of each one. They are quick reads and the kids have loved being immersed inside them. Even the boys enjoyed them, though they would hate to admit it.

The kids would give these a 4/5.

“The Lost Heir” by Tui T. Sutherland

This is the second book of the series Wings of Fire. An unlikely group of dragonets have been set aside to save the entire dragon kingdom. The series takes you through each kingdom and you learn the powerful traits of each dragon in the kingdom. This book focuses on Tsunami, the dragonet from the Sea wing Kingdom. It shows their power as they have to do and become more than they ever thought possible.

The kids gave this one a 5/5.

Do you love to read? It has been a life changing habit that has connected Emily to some of her dearest friends and taught her so much about herself. If you are interested in her reading list, here are some of her favorites!