Memory Keeping with Promptly Journals

There was a time in my life when I would write in a journal like it was no big deal. I would write 18-25 pages a day because I wanted to remember every moment that was happening. Fast forward to today, I don’t have that kind of time, but I want to record every memory and little thing that happens with my children. Thankfully we found Promptly Journals. These journals are not only classy in appearance but make recording those simple memories a piece of cake. 

When we had our son we got one of those memory books because that is what you do, right? You want to fill out all the information, but then they end after about a year or two and for us the details were so specific that it was hard for us to stay on top of documenting every first. There is so much more happening after those first couple years that I want to document, but I don’t want to have to buy a new book for every moment of my child’s life and keeping it all in one place is ideal.Keeping Every Memory with Promptly Journals | The Modern Dad

Promptly Journals has places to record the simplest but profound details helping you cherish every stage/age your child is in. In the journal there are pages that take you from each trimester of pregnancy, every month of their first year and every year from 1-18. You not only get a great keepsake but a childhood history for your child. Promptly Journals doesn’t ever make me feel like I am having to write too much information. It gives little prompts (see what they did there?) of what you should be writing about. Having one place to write all the amazing moments of your child’s life and then to be able to go back remember them at those specific stages. There are also places for where you can add pictures and little journal like entries which are always fun to look back on.Keeping Every Memory with Promptly Journals | The Modern Dad

Thankfully, since we did write in our son’s memory book we were able to answer the things in our Promptly Journal for him, getting his caught up. I love that Promptly Journals doesn’t just ask the regular questions about your growing child, they ask things you wouldn’t normally think about. Making you think outside the box, really digging deep to get fun information to share with them later.Keeping Every Memory with Promptly Journals | The Modern Dad

I am sure you want to get a Promptly Journal for your little ones now, and I have teamed up with them to offer you a 15% off on the single journals by using the code THEMODERNDAD. This code is will expire April 30, 2016 so don’t miss out.  This is something that would look perfect in your Easter Basket, or the perfect gift for an expecting mother.