Your April Favorites

In the month of April we were able to set up the back patio with our furniture, start enjoying outdoor activities with the kids baseball and softball games, and even get through a few puzzles over a weekend.

When we shared these items, they were the hottest of the hot and things you loved the most and we love that! So here are the list of April favorites that we love, but it seems like you may have loved them even more.

I you didn’t know already, Emily loves puzzles! This was an old puzzle that she pulled out again and loved doing it over the weekend! It is colorful and cute and was pretty easy to do. Check out more of our favorites here!

We are all about getting organized over here! This bike rack has made our life a little happier!

It fit perfectly in our shed and now our kids know exactly where their bikes belong and can put them there without having them lying all over the yard or garage.

Plus, it’s only $45 and was super easy to assemble. Check it out here!

Tis the season for sunnies! We all love a good pair and are all about the affordable yet cute kind!

This is the most expensive pair Emily has bought in a long time, but they are so worth it!

Check out these and a variety of others with great price points here!

You know we love clothes around here, but when I can find brands that I love at a discount, well it makes us both happy!

These are my favorite t-shirts and lately I have been getting asked about them because everyone loves a good basic t-shirt.

If you’re looking for good quality, comfortable clothing at a good price, check out our favorites here!

BBQ season is right around the corner and this is the purchase that I am most excited about!

I love that it is so slick to clean and cook on! Plus, when I had talked about it in my Instagram stories, so many people were saying how much they love it and use it on a regular basis.

Maybe this could be the Father’s Day purchase of the year! Do you love outdoor cooking? Here are a few of our favorite things.

Baseball games are an everyday thing at our home, and so it back and butt pain or at least it was until we got these bad boys!

What I love about them is that they fold up really clean and easy, have a handle to make carrying them simple, but that flap on the front has a place for you sunflower seeds, drink, and all other goodies you’ll be enjoying in comfort.

Save your life (and your body) by getting these stadium seats. Only $36—your body will thank you!

If your kids love crafting or art then this is a must have for your collection!

Full of great colors and easy to store this has been a favorite in our family for years.

Plus, if you’re looking to stock up your creative cupboards for summer, check out all of our favorite things here!

Outdoor entertaining is one of our favorite things to do! It’s the main reason we did what we did to the house because we loved the space we created outside so much that we brought that into the house, but still made a space for outdoor entertaining to be more enjoyable.

Our sectional is probably one of the most requested outdoor pieces of furniture and we have loved it. You can seat a lot of people comfortably and the price was just too good.

Here is a sectional similar to the one we have and love. We got ours over four years ago and it has been the greatest purchase for our family.

You can find this and all of our other outdoor right here!

The best part of outdoor entertaining is shade! Outdoor umbrellas are a simple way to make that shade happen and add some fun color and style to the space.

Check out this cute umbrella that will not only make your backyard cute, but will give shade to the areas it is covering. All outdoor items are found here!

These are the cutest outdoor dining chairs. They are sturdy, waterproof and also quite adorable.

If you have been eyeing the ones for Serena & Lilly (which, I can’t blame you) these are a similar look, for half the cost. Ours have been used for over four years and still look like when we first purchased them.

We have some similar ones and have loved the addition to our outdoor entertaining. Check these chairs and all outdoor items linked here!