Favorite Food Trucks in Utah

It’s warm outside, you don’t want to be stuck inside your house or some crazy restaurant, do you? No! You don’t! You want to be outside, enjoying the great weather and stopping by one of the amazing food trucks that Utah has to offer. I am obsessed and have to share my favorites with you.

Food trucks are currently our favorite place to go out for dinner. We are lucky enough that the SOHO Food Park is just down the street from us, making it easy to enjoy a variety of different food trucks. I will say this though, I have favorites and I have reason’s for why they are my favorite and I think they should be your favorite too.Favorite Food Trucks in Utah by The Modern Dad

  1. Cubby’s – I have mentioned Cubby’s before in my favorite places to eat in Utah post. So when I found out they had a food truck I was smitten. I knew without a doubt that I would instantly fall in love and which was in fact what happened. They always make the best tasting food, using the highest quality products, but they try new things in their truck that you can’t always get in the restaurant. I love their Tri Tip Steak Salad, it’s absolutely to die for, but when I went and they were out of the dressing I didn’t know what to do. I quickly looked at their menu and saw a mixed berry grilled chicken salad. At first I didn’t think mixed berries should be in a salad, but I was quickly taken back when I took my first bite and realized mixed berries should for sure be in a salad. Favorite Food Trucks in Utah by The Modern DadI also love a good burger, and Cubby’s definitely delivers on this one. I am a fan of the Dragon Slayer. You have to give it a try and when you do, be sure to order some of their delicious sweet potato fries. They will blow your mind, and your taste buds.Favorite Food Trucks in Utah by The Modern Dad
  2. CupBop – Here is another location that I mentioned previously in my favorite Utah restaurants post. Cupbop was originally just a food truck, but now you can order it in the Vivint Smart Home Arena…so there’s that. When it comes to a delicious Korean bowl of rice or meal Cupbop blows it out of the park. Not only is their menu simple and delicious, but you have a choice of spiciness. They create your cup and then you let them know, on a scale of 1-10, what level of spiciness you want your meal to be. I have gone as far as a seven, but for me I think that’s about as spicy as I can handle. Try it yourself and let me know if you can handle a level 10.Favorite Food Trucks in Utah by The Modern Dad
  3. World’s Best Corn Dogs – You heard that right, right here in Utah we have the best corn dogs in the entire world. You can go anywhere and you will never find corn dogs as good as these ones. I was the biggest fan of the Corndog Castle in California Adventure. I felt like nothing could beat their corndogs and wasn’t going to let anyone even have a chance of proving me otherwise. Recently we went to Disneyland and I had to grab myself one of these memorable corndogs. To my surprise, they changed something. They weren’t as big as they used to be, and the flavor seemed a little off. I was heartbroken. Fortunately, my work does a weekly food truck day where different food trucks come and we have the opportunity to order from there right in the comfort of our own parking lot. I thought, I can give this place a try. How happy I am that I did. They were in deed the world’s best! I got a footlong that was huge, but I did not get the honey that they offered to put on it. Just didn’t sound good to me personally, but if you think about it, do you put honey on your cornbread? Same thing, just has a hotdog included in it. They also have a cheese dog and when ordering that I quickly thought about all the times in high school when I would go to Hot Dog on a Stick and order myself a cheese dog. They were small and didn’t really do much for me, but I always enjoyed them. I wanted to re-live those memories and when my name was called and I picked up my dogs my eyes bulged from my face. The footlong was huge and so was the cheese dog. Not only that, but they BOTH were absolutely delicious. I recommend them to anyone and if you apparently want your life to be changed (at least that’s what they say when they asked if I wanted honey) then go for it. Either way, you will not be disappointed. Favorite Food Trucks in Utah by The Modern Dad
  4. Art City Donuts – When you’re out getting dinner you have to make sure to include dessert, right? Art City Donuts are the perfect solution. They are bite sized donuts that they will glaze, put powdered sugar on, or create a classic maple option. OR they also offer their specials that usually take this batch of donuts to a whole new level. I personally love their cinnamon burst and the cookies n cream options (as seen in photo). These are great for grabbing a couple dozen, sitting out on the grass and enjoying conversation with family or friends, all while enjoying perfect bites of donut.Favorite Food Trucks in Utah by The Modern Dad
  5. Blakes Gourmet – When I heard my friend was starting a food truck I was a little skeptical, until I tried their food. Blake’s does a great job at making quality food with impeccable service. I love their sliders (which they are known for) because you get three at a time, but you have the option of doing each one a different style. There is nothing worse than having to eat three of the exact same thing, when the option to get each one different is available. Not only are their sliders delicious, but they make the best flavored fries I have ever tasted. Another thing that I love about Blake’s is that they are flexible. If you have them cater an event, they will make what you want. Sliders aren’t your thing? No worries, they can make what you want. Just let them know ahead of time because no one wants to show up to a lobster bake with no lobster. Catch my drift?