Favorite Fall Cookie | Gingersnaps

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Fall is soon approaching and there is one recipe that will leave your home with the taste and smells of fall! We love this simple Gingersnap Cookie because it is easy to make and melts in your mouth leaving you with all of the favorite fall flavors.

Gingersnaps remind me of my childhood. My mom was never one to store treats in our home, now that I am a mom I know why- because I eat them. But there is one treat that you could always find at our house in the bottom shelf of the pantry, gingersnaps.

These were store bought, small hard cookies. Maybe you remember them? The kind that scratch the roof of your mouth if you take too big of a bite. There was something about the flavor that made everyone sneak a couple of cookies from the cupboard.

This recipe is takes that simple childhood memory and makes it melt in your mouth! It is a constant treat during the fall months that you will find in our home. I hope my kids have the same memories of delicious treats hidden in our home as I did.