Life Lessons from Finding Dory

Finding Dory has been out for a while now. Have you been able to make it to the theaters and show it to your kids? Well, I wasn’t really excited about seeing it either, but now it’s the only thing I can think about for so many great reasons.

I am sure that Disney makes these movies with kids in mind, but this is one that I feel has hit my heart more as an adult. Here are six great lessons we learned from Finding Dory that might convince you to go see it.

  1. Don’t let your weaknesses define you.

Dory’s weakness is pretty obvious–her character has short-term memory loss that causes her to forget just about everything that comes out of her mouth. When Dory suddenly remembers her family and her home in the beginning of the movie, Marlin quickly points out that she can’t possibly find her way home if she can barely remember what she was doing five minutes earlier. But Dory doesn’t let his cynicism bother her, and brings him and Nemo along for the ride.

  1. Life is an adventure.

On a whim, Dory decides that she needs to find her parents. She knows that she will need to cross the ocean to California, but she is ready for the challenge. Without hesitation or contemplation, Dory is ready to do the unknown to find her family, just as she eagerly joined Marlin–then a complete stranger–to rescue Nemo one year (at least, one “Pixar year”) earlier.

  1. You are capable of more than you can imagine.

As Dory goes on this pilgrimage to find her roots, many situations occur during which she is unsure of the next step. But as she goes on, her memory comes back to her in bits and pieces, often just when she needs it most. Never letting doubt cross her mind, Dory learns to follow her instincts. One of these inclinations–her love of seashells–turns out to be a lesson her parents had taught her as a child, and allows her to reunite with her parents, who never once doubted her capabilities.

  1. Family isn’t restricted to blood.

Once Dory finds her parents, her thoughts quickly jump to the family she has known for the past year–Marlin and Nemo. And even though her biological family was finally in tact, she could not rest until everyone she cared about were together and safe. Her rescue mission to save Marlin and Nemo was not easy, and even resulted in her own safety being jeopardized, but Dory didn’t care. She would risk anything for the people she loves.

  1. What’s so great about a plan?

Dory’s lighthearted, impulsive nature is part of her charm, and time after time, she finds herself in some tricky situations because of it. She makes decisions on the fly while trusting her gut, and, as previously mentioned, is always ready for adventure. She never worries about knowing what’s next, but always continues on and trusts that everything will work out.

  1. Just keep swimming.

Everyone can learn something from Dory’s famous motto. No matter how difficult or hopeless a situation may seem, rather than panicking or dwelling on the past, it is best to just keep moving forward with heads held high. Staying positive is key in any journey, whether physical or emotional. It is a imperative lesson for anyone hoping to make progress–it just happens to be taught best by a blue, animated fish.