Where Did All the Time Go

“I swear we just had that baby girl!” I said to my wife this week as I saw my daughter pulling herself up and into a dangerous toddler situation. Then I turn around and look who’s three!! Are you kidding me?!

As a parent there is that common phrase we use, “I can’t wait until…” Why do we say these words? What is it about wanting our kids to growing up so fast? Why aren’t we enjoying the moments that are right in front of our face? Let me explain.

When my son was little I would always say, “I can’t wait until he is crawling/walking/playing sports/etc.” Why do we, as parents, do this on a regular basis? These times are going to come no matter what, but we feel like we can’t wait for the moments to get there.

Where Does Time Go?

Where Did All the Time Go by The Modern Dad

Looking back at pictures of my son in his tiny Burberry, I am constantly thinking where has the time gone? I’ll tell you, it was because so much of the time I would wish for those next moments in his life rather than enjoying the current moment that we were living in.

Where Did All the Time Go by The Modern Dad

It’s hard because now with my daughter the time is going by so fast. She is just growing like a weed and already trying to walk. How is this happening? It’s like we just had her. She’s already pulling herself up on things and crawling around everywhere. For her it’s like the time can’t slow down.

Where Did All the Time Go by The Modern Dad

Honestly, I want to love each moment my kids goes through, but can we really love each, I think not. I have done everything I can to keep this mindset. Not wish the years away but enjoy every moment. Each and every day that my kids are here I cherish and enjoy every minute together.

The other day we were with my wife’s 80 year old grandparents. They smiled as they watched our active kids move around and demand our constant attention. After a while her grandfather stated “there is no sweeter time you will have in life than this right here! I have seen and accomplished much in my life but the only time I long to return are those struggling years of early child raising. Understand that it is hard, busy and exhausting, but you will always remember those days as the sweetest of times.” I was literally blown away. Here is a man who was successful in every stage of life. He traveled, served, worked hard and played even harder, but family was his life’s treasure. More specifically, those early child rearing years.

Enjoy the Time, Enjoy the Now

Where Did All the Time Go by The Modern Dad

We as parents need to make sure we are present in our kid’s lives. Being a parent means that we are here for them each and every day, but always in the moment with them. Maybe this is all going through my mind because my son is turning three this week – I can’t believe it. The time has gone by way too fast.

We are upon those moments in his life right now. I was so excited to get to sports, preschool and playing make-believe. I just want to be able to enjoy these moments and not wish them away or wish for the next step to get here. So take an extra 5 minutes today and sit down with each of your children and listen, play and show them that you are here for them. As I have learned from parenting my two kids, moments in your children’s lives will come. Everything will happen at its time and place; I choose to be there enjoying each and every one (all this wisdom with just two kids, maybe I should have 10).