2017 Resolutions | New Year, New Goals

Every single year I am always sharing my resolutions. It’s hard because year after year I put the same things: weight loss, be nicer, blah blah blah. It’s time for my 2017 resolutions to be taken seriously and written down—meaning that they are happening. Because unless you write them down, they won’t happen.

2017 Resolutions | New Year, New Goals by The Modern DadMany times when I have resolutions I forget them through out the year. I decided to give myself a gentle reminder and put them into my phone. Since my phone is constantly with me I will alway be seeing what they are and work towards completing them throughout the year.

This year I decided that they would be goals that is a one and done deal or I work towards completing them for the entire year. I didn’t want to to be about losing weight, but being healthier. Not about going on a date, but making date night a habit. And doing something fun with my own family and not just depending on what our extended family is going.

With that I give you my new goals for the new year:

Goal 1: Take family to California, Arizona and/or Idaho—just us.

img_8080Okay, so this year I want to really set goals that will be fun and good for my family. My family loves to travel and this year I want to keep that up with my own little family. Even if we just go to Idaho or California it would be so fun. Family vacations have given me some of my greatest memories. I want to spend that time with my family like my parents did with me.

Goal 2: Monthly date nights.

img_9935My wife means everything to me and I love her more than anything. Clearly a simple way to show her my love is taking her out, just the two of us. It’s easy when you have kids to get home from work not want to get a babysitter and just stay home. It’s easy to just take the kids, but you need that time, just the two of you.

How simple is this? Well, it’s not as easy and the more kids you have the harder it is, but we are going to do it. Even if it just means we go out to dinner and that’s it—that’s good! As long as we can commit to once a month it’ll be great.

Goal 3: New races in different places.

img_9695Since I am doing a marathon this year, I wanted to push myself a little more this year. Because of this, I want to do races that I have never done before. Whenever I sign up for races I just do ones I have done before because it’s easier. You have done it before and so you know what to expect. If I really want to push myself it’s time to try new things.

I have always wanted to do a Ragnar race. Granted, everyone in Utah has done it (check the stickers on their cars). I have been asked a bunch of times by people if I wanted to do it, but the next thing I knew they were posting all about it on Facebook. Finally was invited and paid my fees—I’m in. Revel marathon was another one like that. Here is another one I had seen a lot of friends sign up so I decided this was the year to sign up too.

Just two races though? I will probably sign up for one more (maybe a triathlon) and make this year really interesting. But I really want to do three races, so we will see which one wins. Who knows, maybe I’ll even throw in a fourth—one a quarter.

Goal 4: Cutting a bad habit by cutting my nails.

2017 Resolutions | New Year, New Goals by The Modern Dad

We all have bad habits, but one that I can’t cut to save my life is biting my nails. Since I was little I have always bitten my nails. My sister did it and I thought she was cool, so I had to do it too. She quickly quit and I was never able to.

I have done it all though: gross tasting stuff on my nails, thought about what it looked like, etc. The thing is though, my son has been doing it and I can’t let that happen. If he’s doing it he won’t stop if he sees me doing it too.  Join me on this one people. Let’s all cut a bad habit out of our lives.

Goal 5: Clean out the closet, quality over quantity.

img_9764Finally, I am the worst when it comes to my closet. For the longest time, I did closet organizing and my closet looked great. Then you just start collecting it all. I wasn’t doing the rules I would tell my clients:

  1. If you haven’t worn it in two years, toss it.
  2. Wear through it all
  3. Always keep the basics

My weight hasn’t been where I want it to be, so I say the classic line, “I’m trying to get back into these…” So many clothes are in my closet where I tell myself I am going to fit back into this again. We all know, I am never going to fit back into that stuff ever again. It’s easy to just buy new things and it’s time to start saying out with the old, in with the new.

This is going to be the year I not only clean out my closet, but I keep it kept up. It’s all about knowing what you have and when you get new things, you don’t double up on things. I also put money into my things because I want it to last. So I don’t want to go crazy in refilling my closet, but it’s time to clean it out.

Whatever your goals/resolutions are for the year make them obtainable. This year we’re going to make things happen and it’s time to set ourselves up for success and not failure.