Simple Memory Keeping Items + Discount Codes

You think before you have kids that you will be great at remembering all the moments that happen. Fast forward to being a parent and you can barely remember what happened this morning—and it’s 7:47 am. To make life easier for all of us, I share with you some simple memory keeping items.

Chatbooks | $8 photo book series

chatbooks-stackWe are in a day and age where we want to share every single moment with our friends on Instagram. But when it comes to print out pictures, it seems to be a thing of the past. I have loved Chatbooks since day one. Being able to have a way to automatically have the images I share of my kids and family put into a simple book that we can save forever.

They have great options with their subscription series, prints or custom Chatbooks. We love being able to look back at the many moments we’ve shared, and today I am sharing with you. Get your first book free in any of their ongoing Chatbook series OR 10% off prints or custom Chatbooks. Just use the code MODERNDAD to get this offer.

Promptly Journals | $32

Keeping Every Memory with Promptly Journals | The Modern DadReally I don’t think I can say enough great things about Promptly Journals. For me, journaling becomes tough because I never feel like I have time or know what to say. Promptly Journals does just that, it prompts you with things to write about from pregnancy to 18 years old. For me, this will be absolute treasures to my children as we continue to add to them on a regular basis.

Maybe you’re not pregnant, but adopting. Being adopted myself, I love when there is a way to remember those moments as well. They have an adoption version too—I love it. So if you are thinking of getting one for yourself, or have a pregnant friend you want to get a gift for, this is the time and place to do it. Get 10% off when you sign up for their newsletter.

Postmark Studios | $19.99

Perfect Silhouettes by Postmark Studios | The Modern DadEvery single day we look at our little ones and to have their silhouette captured would be completely ideal. We have loved looking at our Postmark Studios silhouettes of our kids. This is such a fun way to keep those images always around.

This is a simple way to keep memories of your little ones of family, but with little work involved. Take a profile picture of your child, submit it and the process begins. You get your digital copy back pretty quick. Ready for this? Use code MODERNDAD25 to get 25% off your next order. Order now because this code expires January 31.

Letters to My Baby | $14.95

Simple Memory Keeping Items by The Modern DadThis is one of the most fun things I have seen as far as memory keeping goes. Twelve fold-and-mail letters invite expecting and new parents to capture the little things, with prompts to get you started. The letter can be postdated, sealed, and then gifted to your children for a graduation or even the arrival of their first little one, giving you a tangible expression of love through the generations.

I would love to get a letter from my parents that they had written when I was little that would bring fun memories back. Haven’t we all asked our parents to tell us stories about when we were little, yet they tend to forget the early years? Well, here is a great way for parents to share those moments while they are happening.

i (chart) you | $25

Perfect Ideas for you Grandparents Gift Guide | The Modern DadGrowing up, there was nothing I loved more than learning about my ancestors. Is that weird? I loved hearing their names, where they come from and what they did. Wouldn’t it be cute to decorate your child’s room with a modern genealogy fan chart? i (chart) you makes the cutest charts that would go perfectly in any child’s room, or for decorating another room in your house.

Simply add the basic information, submit your payment and you instantly get access to the printable version you selected. We love showing ours to our children and telling them about the many amazing family members that are on there. Plus, if you use the code MODERNDAD you can get 30% off your next order. Get your order today because this offer expires in two weeks. What are you waiting for? Get your genealogy chart today—your family will thank you.