Marathon Training Week 15 |Making & Seeing Changes

Fifteen weeks is a long time to do something consistently. As for  my running, I had been keeping up with it for 15 weeks straight and actually seeing changes. I’ve said it before, I have done crazy fads and quick fixes to lose weight, but it was time to start making changes. Check out what’s been pushing me to the next level this past week.

Marathon Training Week 15 | Seeing Changes, Making Changes by The Modern DadFor Christmas I decided it was time to get back on Fitbit. Personally, I love it. I love that it tracks my steps, it gives me a gentle notification to get up and move at work and that I can compete with other friends trying to get in shape too. Getting the Charge 2 was a great decision for me because it gave me the things I was looking for in a tracker. It has become a part of my day and I have hated not having one for so long.

Now, because I am constantly wearing my Fitbit I want to walk everywhere. I have been parking further away at places, taken the stairs more and running longer on the treadmill. I push myself in the morning to go longer because I know my day is going to be spent mostly sitting at a desk. Everyday I am trying to get the goal of at least 11,000 steps, but I feel like if I want to be seeing changes, I need to be making changes. I have upped my daily goal to 13,000. It’t not easy, but it’s been a great daily goal to work towards.

During the Christmas holiday some coworkers and I decided it as time to take a break from sweets. I have the biggest sweet tooth, but I knew my competitive spirit would push me to cut the sugar. We had all set our own person levels and yesterday the challenge ended. I am happy to say I met my goal, lost eight pounds and now if I have a sweet it’s not as great as I remember it being.

As we continue to give ourselves goals: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, we will be able to see great results. So start making some changes and let me know what types of things you have done personally to push yourself a little more this year.