Pro Vaccinating, To Anti Vaccinating and Here’s Why

Vaccinating is a touchy subject. From experiences and reading, I am completely for it. But what if something were to happen to one of my children? Would my opinion change? A friend of mine was that very person. Going from being completely pro vaccinating to anti vaccinating. Read her story and how one needle changed her life, and son’s life forever.

My name is Devin Battersby, and my son was severely Vaccine Injured. I used to be very pro-vaccines. Thinking it was irresponsible and flat out stupid to not vaccinate your kids. I mean, they were controlled by the CDC, they had to be safe. Right? I was wrong, I was SO wrong.

16325393_10208195999082054_1859350871_oMy second son, Denali, was born August 22nd at 11:07 pm. After a 27 hour long labor the nurses came in and administered the vitamin K shot. After I recovered the next day, they came in and said, It’s time for his Hep B Shot, and took him away. No asking, no nothing. Just took our, not even 24 hour old little boy, to give him something that would change our lives.

Shortly after, he became super fussy and his jaundice levels skyrocketed. We were allowed to go home, under the watch from our pediatrician. The next day we went and got his levels looked at again, this time they were 20. Our Pediatrician got us a home devilry for the Billi lights and blanket. He was ordered to be under them for five days, the only time he was allowed to come out was to eat or be changed.

After we were allowed to ditch the light, we went in for the circumcision. This is where it all went south.

16358003_10208195999202057_321475793_oDenali became sluggish, but would scream like no other. We did everything that we could to get him to clam down, but nothing worked. After about five days of the nonstop screaming, I knew something more was going on. I checked his temp and sure enough it was 100.4 degrees—a dangerous fever for any infant under three months.

We rushed down the canyon from our home to Primary Children’s in Salt Lake City, Utah. There he was given multiple blood tests, a urine sample and a nose swab. All negative. They said he most likely just had a virus, and he would be fine in a few days and to follow up with our doctor. We followed up with our doctor the next day, and sure enough the fever was still there. At that appointment she said well lets just treat him for a ear infection “I think it could be that.”

16325378_10208195998402037_189566339_oThe next day we went back, still no rash (a sign that it was just an infection). He was in even more pain and was having extremely bloody stools. They took him off anything dairy, soy, corn, nuts, seafood/shellfish and gluten. I cut everything out of my diet, and nothing got better. He was just getting worse.

The fevers stayed consistent with 100.4 degrees every single night around 4:00 pm—the fever would hit, and he was unconsolable. No doctor could tell us why this was happening. One night things changed for the worse. This time the fever hit around 2pm, and got higher and higher. We finally were able to get him to clam down, and after three minutes in his Rockaroo, he went into a seizure.

16357744_10208195998602042_1190894008_oMy tiny 8lb one month old baby was seizing uncontrollably and that was when I had had enough. My husband and I dropped our oldest off with grandma and flew down the canyon to the hospital once again. They ran the same tests and this time did a spinal tap, and a CT scan. I started to question the Hep B shot after doing some research and having some other mothers reach out to me. Every single doctor denied it.

Once again, everything came back normal and we were admitted to the hospital. The next night while we were in there around 11:00 pm—he went into a full fit again. The doctor tried Tylenol after I had told her no—that was when the seizure hit again.

16357651_10208196000122080_1751258769_oThe “doctor” came up and looked at him, and just pushed it off and said, “he looks normal.” The next day, the head doctor came by and said we were going home. My husband and I grew frustrated. Thats when we found out we had been dealing with a resident who didn’t relay any of the information from the night prior.

We ended up staying 2 more days, running more tests, EEGs and scans. Everything was normal. They released us once again and told us to follow up.

At this point we couldn’t get any Infectious Disease doctors or GI doctors to call us back. Nothing. After meeting with a homeopathic doctor, the first thing he said, “It’s the Hep B shot.” He’s having a adverse side effect. Thats when I really dug into the vaccine injuries that happen every single day around the US. His symptoms were in line with every single Hep B injury that I could find.

16357392_10208195999722070_493338536_oDenali started to have seizures more frequently. His fevers were rising to 101.2—102.5 degrees as the highest. He was losing weight at this point, every feed he was puking up everything. I had called other children hospitals all around the country and we were accepted into Mayo Clinc in Minnesota for children. We were going to book our flights to head there when we noticed Denali’s chest started to swell up and there was a massive lump in his arm pit.

We were directly admitted to the hospital. This time was different going in. We had a doctor who told me to trust my instinct, because its right. That I needed to demand the truth, be treated with respect and to always request a doctor who really will work with me and our worries as parents.

We did more blood tests. This time they came in 24 hours later and told me Denali has a really aggressive blood infection and they needed to do a spinal tap. That the odds were only a 30% chance of him living and they needed to act fast. How do you even handle that?

16325861_10208196000042078_118723545_oAs they prepped my little boy for a another spinal tab, I thought we finally had the answer and I was ready to fight. After the tap, they came in and apologized. They had contaminated the test and he didn’t actually have any infections at all.

Back to square one. I broke down. With anger, fear and guilt. The doctors kept saying, “Well he looks fine.” He wasn’t fine. I knew he wasn’t fine. That’s when I went mama bear, and told them they needed to get infectious disease, GI and who ever else into my room to come talk to me. I was leaving and going to Mayo.

16251334_10208195998562041_1612268344_oThats when we found his blood levels were off. Denali’s white blood cells were low. His neutrophils were barely there (the neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that fight off infection) and then his platelets were really high. We were dismissed from the hospital and met with a Oncology, hematology, and immunology the next day. Thats where it all was pieced together.

Denali was given the Hep B shot at birth, with that shot it crashed his body—whatever was in it. It caused his neutrophils to drop causing a chronic neutropenia. His body could no longer fight off any infection and after the circumcision, thats when his body started on the downward spiral. His body couldn’t fight off anything; including the healing of that procedure. The seizures and the chronic fevers were another side effect of the shot. The bloody stools were not a diary allergy like they all suggested, he had internal gut bleeding from the shot. We were told if we had given him the second round of the shot he wouldn’t be here with us.

16325935_10208195998522040_516167369_oDenali was filed under VAERS as a vaccine injured kid, when the company tried call the university of Utah they denied he was even born there. It took four phone calls for them to give the brand of the shot he was given and to admit he was born there.

I dug into the world of anti-vaxx and thats where I meant the mothers who had lost their children to these shots. The children who are injured and will never be the same, and the ones who are lucky to have their kids by their sides still.

As a mother who never believed before, I urge you to just ask. Ask for the vaccine information, you will see every single adverse reaction listed from a fever to SIDS to death. These vaccines hold a lot more than what we think they do. And the CDC isn’t telling us the truth.

Devin is an amazing mother that fought for her child and still does every day. All this while trying to keep her business Zions Den Apparel up and running. That is what she uses to pay for the many medical expenses that have come with this vaccine injury. Check out her brand and support her and her amazing family by buying her amazing product. I honestly hope all goes well for little Denali and support Devin when she says, “Ask for the vaccine information.” You don’t think about the side effects until they happen to you or your little ones.