Sickness, Snuggling & Saranoni

It seems like sickness has been swarming our home for the past month and of course, it finally struck me. I hate being sick, but I love having something to snuggle up to—Saranoni blankets.

squareWhen my son was born we found Saranoni and fell in love instantly. It’s soft, durable and the perfect size for cuddling up. Not only that, but he would get sick and that quickly became his security blanket. To this day he wants it when he’s waking up and starting his day.

Saranoni footBoth of the kids got sick pretty close together. Of course, it wasn’t the same time. One got sick one week and as soon as they were better, boom. The other one was sick. Constantly they were ending up sleeping on the couch or our bed, but they would always sleep better when they were comforted by their favorite blankets.

My wife, being pregnant, will get everything done around the house, crash on the couch and cuddle up to our Saranoni. We love the warmth and softness it gives, especially during these freezing winter months.

DSC_1076Personally, I hate being the husband where when I get sick I am useless to the world. But for some reason lately I have found myself wrapping my blanket around me and laying anywhere I have space: my bed, the couch, the floor, etc. I just feel more comfortable when I am wrapped in absolute goodness.

Okay, so you get over being sick. Then what’s it good for besides throwing on the couch to look good? Well, we are a movie family. We love getting the kids, popping popcorn and having one blanket for all of us on the couch. With the cold weather, we have been doing this more and more and everyone loves it.

DSC_1054Seriously, if you don’t have a Saranoni blanket in your home yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Get one today and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.