June Favorites

Another month, another list of favorites! These have been our favorite things this month! Read more to see why!

Road Trip Essentials

Tis the season for road tripping. There is nothing better than having a space for snacks while you are driving. I love how this has room for a variety of treats and slides right over the lid of the Stanley. The absolute perfect accessory for camp fires, sports games or road trips. For more travel favorites, click here!

Skylight Calendar

It’s no surprise this is on our list again! There has been no better motivating tool for our kids this summer to accomplish their chores before play than this! You can add or have daily repeats and the kids love the sense of accomplishment as they mark off their jobs. Needing a spot to share family happenings? The Skylight Calendar connects all appointments from iPhones and shares it at the family hub. My kids love watching their favorite family pictures play on the photo app too. If you need a way to keep the entire family organized, this is the magic ticket!

Coco & Eve

I have loved the tanning mist for over a year now! It gives the perfect color to any person. The look of a spray tan with the easy of a foam, this will be a new summer favorite. For more of our favorite beauty finds, click here.

American Flags

My favorite patriotic decor are American flags. I put them in vases, plant and flower arrangements and added these giant ones as center pieces this year. They come in so many sizes and are the perfect way to add a pop of color during the month of July. Looking for more patriotic thing? Here is our collection of all things red, white and blue from decor to clothing.

Drink Organizer

We have become the drink people. With an extra fridge in the garage we have added all sorts of refreshing beverages in the basement. This thing keeps our fridge nice and neat plus it makes us happy each time we get to fill it. Win, win! Need help organizing? Here is a round up of all of our organizational must haves!

Command Velcro Strips

We had some antique tennis rackets to hang in Nixon’s room and weren’t sure how to hang them. So many of you suggested these strips and you were right! They were the best option. They’ve been up for a month, not a single one has fallen down and they are well hidden. Thanks for the tip!

The Cutest Gibbets

They are all the rage but they don’t have to be tacky. Check out these cutest gibbets! They are plastic rather than rubber and make me smile every time I see the girls in their crocs.

The Women

If you’ve read anything from Kristin Hannah than you know they are good! She is the queen of historical fiction with fearless female characters. This book is no different, in fact I would dare say it is my favorite of her books. This book takes place during the Vietnam War and walks you through the complexities of serving and also returning from war. You will laugh and cry and cheer as you read this book. Check out more of my favorite reads here!

Blue and White Done Right

If you are in search of the cutest coffee table book than look no further. This book is filled with Schumacher fabric designs and beautiful spaces designed by our very own Cara Fox of the Fox Market. It will instantly elevate your home. Needing more coffee table books? Check out our favorites here!

Two Pages Curtains

We have been holding off on purchasing these for months and I wish I would have pulled the trigger sooner. The most gorgeous curtains that are customizable. You pick the length/width, color and transparency (unlined to blackout and everything in between.) I purchases a color sample of all of their curtains so I could see them in the actual space. We went with the color linen and it is so beautiful. They absolutely finish our room and didn’t cost us an arm and a leg. We got the hardware and rod from Lowes and installed them ourselves. So simple! For more of our home decor favorites from our home, click here.