Marathon Training Week 21 | We Were On A Break

“WE WERE ON A BREAK!” Here is one of those famous lines from Friends that you never forget. Well, this week I have felt like that with my running relationship. Do you ever feel like you have formed a relationship with your schedule and when you take a break from it suddenly you feel refreshed? Well, that’s what I did.

condofrontPresidents Day weekend was quite an interesting and packed time for us. We recently decided it is officially time to sell our condo and get into something bigger for our growing family. That meant we had to list the condo, clean everything, pictures and be prepared for calls. We got it all done and when we hit the submit button for Zillow to list it, the calls came.

condokitchenIt’s hard because you want to get the most of your property, but you start liking these people looking at it. You hear their plans and you start agreeing with what they want to do. But it’s such an exhausting process.

condofamilyroomWhat’s even more exhausting about it all, doing this with two little ones. Constantly picking up messing they make so that the house will be perfect for anyone wanting to look at it becomes tiring. How do you avoid that? Stay out of the house. Well, with the colder weather in Utah it’s been difficult to find things to take them out to. But we find things and keep the messy kids away from the perfectly clean home.

Because of this, I am exhausted at the end of the day. I hit the pillow and I am out, but as soon as my alarm goes off for the gym I have to hit the snooze button. It’s difficult trying not to make a habit of this, but what do you do? You need to get sleep and I am not quite at the point where I need to be putting in six miles a day, but I am.

matildamusicalThankfully though, my wife and I were able to get away for a night to see Matilda the Musical. It let me get away from thinking about selling the condo and everything else, but it was needed for both of us.

Basically what I learned this week was sometimes your body needs a break. Maybe I am pushing myself too hard and I needed this as a way of realizing that. Because of this, I think it is officially time to focus on incorporating weight training, mixing up different types of cardio and being strict about my eating. Running is going to be a lot easy on my body if I don’t weigh the weight I am at.

Maybe I won’t be number one against my friends on Fitbit, but I will still be getting in the time. I will get miles in, but really it’s time to focus and get this body in good health.