Marathon Training Week 30 | New Baby, No Excuses

People, it’s 35 days until I run my very first Ragnar race. Not only am I freaking out about that, but we recently had our little baby boy. With a new baby, come a new routine and it’s been an interesting week for running. But because I have a new baby does that give me a pass to have all the excuses?

Marathon Training Week 30 | New Baby, No Excuses by The Modern DadWhen I run Ragnar I have a 9.4-mile stretch, so I am really trying to get my miles up there. But if you have ever had a newborn baby, sleeping and schedules get all messed up. Thankfully, we have been lucky enough to have a new little guy that sleeps great.

We were in the hospital for only one night because he was super healthy and my wife does great on deliveries. I decided to take a week of work off to help around the house with the kids and my wife after having a baby, but running was hard to fit in.

For me, I personally love running early in the morning. I just want to get it done when the family is sleeping and I don’t feel like I am making it difficult for my wife because I’m gone.

Marathon Training Week 30 | New Baby, No Excuses by The Modern DadOf course the weather in Utah this week has been a nightmare too. Wind, rain, and even snow have made me just get my miles in on the treadmill. Mornings haven’t been as easy though because we are up every two to four hours during the night.

Now, since I can’t breastfeed that opts me out of helping there, but I can change a diaper. My son wakes up if he is hungry or has a messy diaper. That means that both me and my wife are up throughout the night helping him with whatever he needs.

My alarm goes off at 4:30 am and I’m already exhausted. So, instead of running in the morning I have had to mix around the schedule: afternoon, evening, or skipping a day.

Really, I have committed to running these races this year and because of that I have committed to training. No excuses.

I feel that if you are going to commit to running a Ragnar, half or full marathon you want to do well. Don’t just do it just to say you did it. Train and prepare yourself to get great times. If I can do it with a new baby, so can you.