Marathon Training Week 42 | Shoe Mileage

Did you know that shoes have a mileage? When you are running every day and training for a race, your shoes wear out and you need to replace them. Shoe mileage is a real thing for everyone, but runners especially. The question is though, how often do you have to replace your shoes?

Most running shoes will last between 300 and 500 miles. So how do you know if your shoes need replacing? Look for the obvious signs of wear and tear, and listen to your body.

I knew that it was time for me to start looking for new running shoes when my shins started hurting. That only happens when I am wearing shoes that need replacing. My body always tells me when it is time to replace them and I listen to that.

For me, RunGr8 Running Center when it comes to getting the right running information and the right running shoes for me. They are super helpful, knowledgeable and just great to be around. And over the course of a 12- to 16-week training cycle, you can expect to go through between two and four pairs of shoes.

When you start approaching the end of your shoes’s life, it’s a good idea to start breaking in a fresh pair as you phase out the broken-down model. Your body will thank you for it.

It is crazy how fast the miles add up though. In a 16-week training program you will have ran 386 miles. I am coming up on 197 miles on my recent pair, so I think a new pair in a must.

Honestly, I like to have options on shoes. I don’t always want to wear the same pair of shoes every time. But then I also get hooked on a pair and have to wear it until the end of their life. Whatever works for you know that RunGr8 will be able to help you figure it all out. They have answered all my questions and made my plantar fasciitis feel like it’s not even there.