Marathon Training Week 46 | Bodpod Update: Unbelievable Results

For 46-weeks, I have been training for a marathon. It’s been hard, it’s been exhausting, but at the end of the day, has it been rewarding? If you remember, three months ago I went and got a Bodpod test to see if I was getting any results. My first results were good, but I knew they could be better. I went again and received unbelievable results.

Marathon Training Week 46 | Bodpod Update: Unbelievable Results by The Modern DadMy first test was great, but could it get better? I was excited because I had lost a couple pounds, but more of it was muscle rather than fat. This was a wake up that I needed to do a little more muscle workout. If I want to get serious about this, muscle increase needed to happen.

Three months I have been training hard, eating better, and just doing my best. Starting this journey out I didn’t want to make changes that I couldn’t do forever. Dieting has worked, but I instantly gain it back when I go back to regular life. When working out I wanted to gain muscle, but not get too bulky. Running has absolutely changed that for me.

I was nervous walking in the doors to University of Utah Peak Fitness because I had just eaten cheese bread for lunch the other day. In the three months I have been doing long runs on Saturday, but doing a lot of them down canyons. After my first downhill run I felt like I was completely dead and didn’t think this would be good.

Time after time, I run these canyons and they get somewhat easier. The pain after doesn’t last as long and I thinking to myself that this is getting better. So I figured going to this appointment I would possibly get the same results, maybe a little better. I was completely wrong.

Marathon Training Week 46 | Bodpod Update: Unbelievable Results by The Modern DadAs you go in, you fill out your paper work and I was ready to get in the pod again. You strip down, get in the pod, and they test you two to three times. I stepped out and was ready for my results.

Sitting across the table from the PEAK tester I was ready for what had done to myself. “Well, you won’t believe this, but I have never seen results like this.” Those were the words told me. As I looked down at the paper I was in complete shock. Did this really happen?

Marathon Training Week 46 | Bodpod Update: Unbelievable Results by The Modern DadWhen you are exercising and eating right your results are usually a loss of fat. Muscle will usually increase slightly because you are working your muscles, but a huge increase isn’t always a result. My results completely shocked the PEAK tester. “Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it because these results are insane,” she said.

Basically, I had lost eight pounds of fat and gained nine pounds of muscle. My scale hadn’t changed for a reason, and this helped me realize why. I was eating like a normal person. No crazy diets, just eating smaller portions and maybe not eating out all the time.

Marathon Training Week 46 | Bodpod Update: Unbelievable Results by The Modern DadThe results were exactly what I needed. I need to hear that this was finally paying off. Yes, I see a difference; I feel difference, but takes actual results to get it. Honestly, I recommend to everyone that they get a bodpod test. Maybe you don’t live in Salt Lake county, but they are easy to find. Seeing what is happening on the inside makes it so much more rewarding.

Be sure to sign up to get your bodpod test now. I promise you, this is a test you will love to take repeatedly. For me, the unbelievable results have become addictive.