RunGr8 Running Center Biomechanical Analysis

Remember when I told you about running shoes having a mileage? Well, I think I need to start breaking in some shoes before I do these FOUR race I have coming up now. My mileage is getting up there and I know because I am starting to feel the aches and pains a little bit. I figured, since I am getting new shoes I would tell you about the RunGr8 Running Center Biomechanical Analysis.

Walking in the door you’re always welcomed and greeted with the kindest employees. Seriously, you feel like they know you and they are there to make sure you leave with the right shoe for you (running or not).

I let them know I wanted to get an analysis done so I would be running in the right shoes for me. Here’s how it breaks down:

First: They ask you what your running goals and habits are. For me this meant telling them about how I am training for a few races I have coming up. I run four days a week, with Saturday being my biggest run.

RunGr8 Running Center Biomechanical Analysis by The Modern DadSecond: They measure your foot. You stand on what feels like a weight scale and see the structure of your foot. They told me that I have very high arches, but also one is higher than the other. It showed that I put more pressure on my right heal. I was putting so much more pressure on one foot than the other. Getting this treatment before they helped me realize I have plantar fasciitis. You can read how to treat that here.

RunGr8 Running Center Biomechanical Analysis by The Modern DadThird: They do a running gait analysis with their slow motion video technology to assess your pronation tendencies. They are watching for which way your foot rolls when you are running. They can tell if you are a over pronator, neutral pronator or supinator.

RunGr8 Running Center Biomechanical Analysis by The Modern DadNow they know what shoes are best for you. Personally, I love Hoka One One because they are wider. The look of them may seem odd, but I don’t think I personally could try a different shoe.

After trying one a few pairs, I picked the Bondi 5. Support, cushion, and comfort was better than any of the three I tried. Honestly, I haven’t tried a pair that I haven’t liked.

Really though, if you don’t have a preference, they are going to show you a variety that best fits your needs and style.

I love that the test doesn’t take long. I went on my lunch break and was in and out of there with time to pick up a Diet Coke. They will give you all the information you need.

At the end of the day, RunGr8 Running Center is the best running store I have been to. Their knowledge and willingness to help you get exactly what you need has been beyond my expectations.

Get your free biomechanical analysis today. Mention you heard about them from The Modern Dad you will get 10% off your purchase. Don’t wait long though, this deal isn’t going to last forever. So head over and see what shoes your body needs. Whether it’s for running, walking, work, or parenting they have the perfect pair for you.