Wizard Wednesday | One Down, Six to Go

Harry Potter has officially taken over my life. Just kidding. I have not become one of those people, but I do talk to those people every day now. Listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has made my commute to and from work a billion times better. Clearly, since last week I was on chapter five and now I am done with book one. That’s right, one down, six to go.

Who’s Ready for Wizard Wednesday? Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone by The Modern DadAfter my first post about Harry Potter I wanted to make sure I took notes during every chapter. I had to get notes about everything that was happening and see if these questions would be answered as I keep reading.

That’s what I want to provide now, the questions and thoughts that I have during each chapter, but also seeing if any of these questions get answered later in the series. Are you as excited as I am? Really, these books are making me think and really taking me to a new exciting world. Here we go:

Chapter 6 – The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

During this chapter they talk a lot about Voldemort or he-who-shall-not-be-named. I don’t get it. Is it like saying Beetlejuice? If you say his name three times does he appear? Is something going to happen if you say his name? Harry continues to say it because he doesn’t know anything about him, but everyone else freaks out about it and I don’t understand why.

Harry is dropped off to head to Hogwarts, but he doesn’t know where he is going or how to get to the train that is supposed to take him to the school. Thankfully, he runs into the Weasley family who helps him get to the school and becomes friends with Ron.

Many times throughout the book I relate to Harry. When riding the train, he has money and decides he has to buy treats—totally something I would do. Out of the treats that he orders, I’ve had chocolate frogs, All Flavor Beans, and Fizzing Whisbees. But I think those pumpkin pasties sound pretty good. What have you tried? Let me know in the comments below.

Chapter 7 – The Sorting hat

This sorting hat freaks me out. Does it just fly around, land on heads, and tell you which building you are in? Everyone is asking me what house I’m in and I don’t think I am going to take the test until I’ve read it all. I don’t want to read with any biases.

House ghosts are first mentioned, but are they a regular thing that is talked about through the books? Super random, but maybe could be interesting if we hear their stories.

A big question that I have is, why, whenever there is a flash of light, is it always green? Clearly there is something to do with the green light, but I have no clue what it means.

Chapter 9 – The Midnight Duel

Peeves is already annoying the crap out of me. That takes a lot because I am pretty annoying, but Peeves drives me absolutely crazy.

Harry is wondering around and comes across a three headed dog that is protecting a trap door. There has to be something that the dog is protecting. What’s down there?

Chapter 10 – Halloween

The owls come swooping in and I wondering, how do they know that you have mail that they need to go get and bring to you? I know that the Dursley’s aren’t going to send him anything, but if they were how would Hedwig (his owl) know that he needs to go get it? Honestly, if a bunch of owls came flying into a room I would freak out (I am not a bird person).

Harry, Ron, and Hermione don’t all get along from the beginning. In fact, they can’t stand Hermione because she is always showing off how smart she is. It gets annoying. But when you have a situation where you have to work together and basically save someone’s life you become real close real fast. I knew they were going to be friends, but I never knew what it was that happened to become such close friends.

Chapter 11 – Quidditch

Fluffy, the three headed dog, did it really bite Snape or is he faking it because he’s up to something? Also, briefly Nicolas Flamel is mentioned, but who is he? I think that he and Dumbledore are hiding something that Fluffy is guarding, but what?

Harry is playing quidditch when suddenly he can’t control himself on his broom. Hermione sees Snape being the one that is making Harry almost fall. Since Snape doesn’t like Harry this makes sense, but why does Snape have such an issue with Harry? What has happened because Harry really hasn’t done anything to Snape that would make him do the things he does.

Chapter 12 – The Mirror of Erised

Really thought, what is up with Snape and Harry? Never has it said that Harry did anything for him to not like him, but there has got to be something there we don’t know yet.

Harry finds The Mirror of Erised and sees his family for the first time. I would be in complete shock if this were to happen. But then I thought, what would you see if you looked in that mirror? Let me know in the comments on this one too.

Chapter 13 – Nicolas Flamel

We learn a little bit more about who Nicolas Flamel is and how he became the longest living person because of the sorcerer’s makes them live forever, right? I don’t think that is what’s Fluffy is guarding, but then I started to think, “Why in the hell would the book be called the sorcerer’s stone?” So clearly that’s what’s down there.

Harry got a cloak of invisibility, but doesn’t know who gave it to him. I think it’s from Dumbledore, but nothing has been said for where he got it.

Chapter 14 – Norbert The Norwegian Ridgeback

Hagrid wins a dragon egg when playing card, but they are illegal so he has to get rid of the dragon once it’s born. Ron messages his brother and is getting rid of the dragon. Harry and Hermione work together to get rid of it and as they do, they leave the cloak of invisibility on the roof. Does he get it back or is that all he gets to use it for?

Chapter 15 – The Forbidden Forest

Since Harry and Hermione got suspended because they got caught being out of bed late at night they had to work in the forest. During this chapter I am now convinced that the sorcerers stone is in fact what’s in that trap door and I think Voldemort is the one that is trying to get it.

Harry is working in the forest with Hagrid to find an injured unicorn only to run into two centaurs that basically tell Harry that he should be dead and has messed up everything. They did find the unicorn, but it was dead. A hooded figure comes and drinks the blood of the unicorn, that was super weird and I wonder who the figure is? Why is his scar starting to hurt? Where did this third centaur come from? The centaurs seem to know what’s going to happen, but I wonder why they don’t tell Harry what they know.

Chapter 16 – Through the Trapdoor

Many things happen to get Harry, Ron, and Hermione to get into the trap door. They freak out thinking that Snape has tricked Hagrid by getting him that dragon which could have banned him forever if someone would have found out. But didn’t Draco see and run back to Hogwarts to tell? It didn’t work.

They get past Fluffy by using the flute Hagrid carved for Harry for Christmas, then to get through each room they work together and Harry gets into the last room only to find someone else is already in the final room. I couldn’t figure out who it would be.

Chapter 17 – The Man with Two Faces

Quirrell! Not who I would have guessed at all. Mostly because I don’t really remember him, but only that he seemed to be afraid of Snape. Turns out, there were so many opposites. Quarrell was the one trying to kill Harry during quiditch instead of Snape doing a counter curse. He is the one that gets the troll into the school, but also Fluffy did hurt Snape (he wasn’t faking it).

Find out a little bit about why Snape doesn’t like Harry, because he and Harry’s dad went to school together. I still don’t get why he hates Harry so much.

Is the snake face the same one from when he was at the zoo? Why does the scar keep hurting? Voldemort is not seeming to be very strong, but is he the reason the scar is hurting so badly because he is the one that caused it?

What happened? Harry was fighting Quirrell, but suddenly in the hospital with Dumbledore. Dumbledore saves him and then destroyed the stone. I like that he also allows Harry to use the name Voldemort. Will Dumbledore let Harry know why Voldemort wanted to kill him? I KNEW Dumbledore was the one that brought the invisibility cloak. Why is Snape upset that Harry’s dad saved his life? And, is Harry going to do spells on Dudley? I hope so!

Well, I finished the first book and am excited to start on listening to the second book—Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.