Obsessed With Beddy’s, Here’s Why!

In our home, bed making happens by me about 93% of the time. Call me crazy, but I love a nicely made bad and feel like it’s the easiest thing I can do to help before leaving the house in the morning. Teaching your kids to do something can be difficult, but I need to do it. Thankfully, we decided to test it out with zipper bedding—Beddy’s!

Obsessed With Beddy's, Here's Why! by The Modern DadNow, Nixon’s bed has these corner bars that always made it so that his comforter was never easy to make. He had a huge down comforter that I loved on his bed and felt like it couldn’t be simpler to make a bed. I was completely wrong.

Think of this: a fitted sheet, zipper, a comfortable blanket on top, and there you have it. I was completely skeptical of this, but let me tell you I am sold.

Obsessed With Beddy's, Here's Why! by The Modern DadI never understood the hype of this, but with the bed I knew it was time to try Beddy’s out. It was the easiest bed to put together ever. Now, his bed has a seven inch thick mattress, rather than the normal 10-14 inches. I was worried it wouldn’t work.

The fitted sheet fit so nicely that I didn’t need to worry, but if you think you need extra security get these bed suspenders to hold it on there really nicely. Now it holds his Beddy’s on perfectly and I couldn’t be more happy.

Obsessed With Beddy's, Here's Why! by The Modern DadNow, how easy is it for your kid to make? Nixon has made his own bed every morning (but once) since getting this. He loves zipping it up every morning before he even comes out of his room.

Obsessed With Beddy's, Here's Why! by The Modern DadCleaning, this has to be a problem right? Not at all! Take the entire thing off the bed, throw it in the wash, dry it, and you’re good. Seriously this was event easier that his bed was before because it’s all connected. I don’t have to take it apart.

Obsessed With Beddy's, Here's Why! by The Modern DadIf you have ever been on the fence for getting Beddy’s for your kids, get it! Complete game changer and I am genuinely a fan. The comfort, simplicity of it all, and knowing that he will learn to get in the habit of making his own bed puts a huge smile on my face.

Now, here is a way to put a smile on your face. Get 20% off from Beddy’s when you use the code moderndad20.