Teeth Bleaching | Deal Worth Doing

You don’t know a person more obsessed with the dentist more than me. I love going to the dentist and getting any work done: drill my teeth, give me shots, do it all. I love it. When I was wanting to go into dentistry, I would be a test patient for many and loved every second of it. Even better, is if you are going for cosmetic dentistry—specifically teeth bleaching. I love it so much, I wrote an 18-page paper about it in college for a chemistry class. Clearly, I had a problem. 

When I was on my mission, 18 years ago, I was first introduced to getting my teeth bleached. A friend offered a deal on teeth bleaching and I took him up on the deal and have been hooked ever since.
Teeth Bleaching | Deal Worth Doing by The Modern Dad

At that time, I was fitted for trays, bleached my teeth every night for two weeks, and was then ready to show that smile off. It was great, but I wanted a faster way of doing it.

Teeth Bleaching | Deal Worth Doing by The Modern DadIn 2003, a friend was working at a dental office that just got ZOOM Bleaching system—an accelerated bleaching process using a Power Chairside Lamp. Not only that, but the bleach was a 25 percent hydrogen peroxide, which you can’t do at home.

This was an hour long process and I loved it. Granted, my teeth became super sensitive, but every time I had ever bleached my teeth I have experiences sensitivity. Hence the reason, if I could do it as a one and done process I am all for it.

Fast forward to now, I was needing a good bleaching. My teeth weren’t looking bad. Now, when you bleach once really good, anything after that seems bad to you. But I didn’t want to do a week of trays, constant sensitivity, and just don’t have time for it.

Stubbs Dental in Bountiful Utah offers one hour in house bleaching and I knew this was exactly what I wanted. It was a one hour, in office procedure that I was excited to have done.

The office is comforting and super welcoming. I always go to dentists that I know (friends, cousins, uncle), so to go somewhere new wasn’t nerve racking for me, but it was very out of the ordinary for me. Really, the ladies at the front desk were awesome and super nice.

_____ greeted me and took my in a room for before pictures, then we went to start the process.

If you have never gotten your teach bleached in office, let me walk you through the steps:

Step one: Quick cleaning


Step two: Dam protecting the gums. This is done so gums don’t get bleach on them and to protect the gums.Teeth Bleaching | Deal Worth Doing by The Modern Dad

Step three: Cure the dam materialTeeth Bleaching | Deal Worth Doing by The Modern Dad

Step four: Apply bleach, leave on for 15 minutes, remove. This process is done four times, equaling an hour.Teeth Bleaching | Deal Worth Doing by The Modern Dad

That’s it! After the third application I could feel the sensitivity in my lower teeth. They always are the worst, but I also am so OCD I couldn’t do the top and not the bottom. They had to be the same.

Teeth Bleaching | Deal Worth Doing by The Modern Dad
You are keeping your mouth open for an hour and at 45 minutes my jaw was tired. They put a child guard in, which holds your teeth apart and is much more comfortable than the mouth guard.Teeth Bleaching | Deal Worth Doing by The Modern Dad

BLING!!! They were exactly what I wanted, and it only took an hour. Granted, I had sensitivity hours after getting it done, but a few Ibuprofen made it totally fine. Personally, I think it’s worth it. I got done in one hour, what would have taken me at least a week to accomplish.

If you are interested in getting this done yourself, call Stubbs Dental and schedule an appointment yourself. If you mention THE MODERN DAD you will get $100 OFF the procedure. Trust me, you want to get on this and experience Stubbs Dental for yourself.