Room Upgrade from the Ground Up

We have been living in our house for over a year now and I think it’s safe to say we are going to be here a while. Since I finally have come to terms with that I decided it’s time to start doing some upgrades. For me, the carpet in the basement was the first thing needing to be changed. I wanted an upgrade from the ground up.

Room Upgrade from the Ground Up by the Modern DadGrowing up we always had a family room that was comfortable. It was a room in which we could gather as a family, watch movies, play on the floor, and just enjoy. That was what our house was missing and I felt like the biggest part was the carpet.

Room Upgrade from the Ground Up by The Modern DadThe carpet was worn out, no padding, and just needed an upgrade. There are things I knew I could do on my own, but carpeting wasn’t one of them.  If I am getting carpeting done, I am going to get it done right.

I remember when my parents built their house and they had worked for RC Willey. Now that I am in my first house I thought of RC Willey for my carpeting. A few reasons why I wanted to work with them:

  • Over 80 years of being in business
  • Knowledgeable employees
  • Quality product
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Close to our house

We knew that we were going to be having this part of our house be a main place and needed a carpet that would last, handle well with kids, cleanable, and not be trendy, but a timeless style. We found all these things and knew we had worked with the right person.

The Installation Process

Now I had no idea how long this would take. There are a few steps that go into stalling carpet.

First, go to RC Willey, pick up some samples (you can take five at a time) and see how they look in your own space. I loved this because we could see how it looked with our current paint, furniture, and what changes it would make to the room.

Once we picked the color, we were scheduled a measuring. A person will come to your house, measure it because the carpet and padding is charged by the square yard. You want to get an exact number rather than my educated guess. They then take that number and figure out exactly how much you need. So simple.

Room Upgrade from the Ground Up by The Modern DadThen we got a call to schedule installation. For me I didn’t think we would get this done until next year because it’s a busy time of year (it’s currently Christmas time). We were fine waiting because we knew it was going to be well worth the wait.

Room Upgrade from the Ground Up by The Modern DadRC Willey was able to get us in mid-December and we were ecstatic. We were now going to have new padding and carpet, which would also help with keeping the basement warmer, during the colder months of the year. This also would save on the gas bill because we wouldn’t need to run the heater so much. So saving money that could go towards getting the best.

Room Upgrade from the Ground Up by The Modern DadFinally is was installation day and it was a breeze. You get scheduled, they come, install, and it’s quick. We scheduled for 10:00 am and the installers were perfectly on time.

Room Upgrade from the Ground Up by The Modern DadI thought about pulling the carpet out myself, but the cost for removal was $150 and I figured it was worth the money to have them do it all. Plus, after removing the carpet in our room I knew it would take a lot longer than I would plan for.

Did you know you have to keep your house warm when getting carpet installed? This is because they want the carpet to stretch when they are pulling it. Now when I say warm, I mean 80 degrees. It’s going to get hot, but the end result was completely worth it.

Room Upgrade from the Ground Up by The Modern DadAbout three or four hours passed and they were done. Entire family room padded and carpeted, stairs, and they took the padding and carpet. I never had to see that stuff ever again.

Carpet Pick

Our carpet pick was simple. We wanted comfort, but what we really were wanting was a good foam. Before, if you would have stood on our carpet it felt like there was nothing there. Basically, the pad was so worn out that it wasn’t doing anything for us.

Picking a memory foam pad was a must. I am so grateful that we went with that. Now when I am on the floor with the kids, rolling around, tackling each other, there are less cries. The floor is so comfortable to be on.

We are always in the basement playing. Nixon loves playing football and tackle Olive and Will. We have had a lot less crying with the installment of new carpet and padding. For me, that’s a huge win.


I was asked a lot by people asking if I had looked at other places and for me it was a no brainer. They met all my expectations, did exactly what I needed, and we got it all done in a timely manner. RC Willey has been around over 80 years for a reason. Excellent customer service, quality product, and find the best people for installation.

If you are looking for the perfect place to get your carpet, I say RC Willey needs to be on the top of your list.