Meet the Modern Family

Introducing my favorite people to my favorite followers.

Hello! My name is Jason and I like to think of myself as The Modern Dad. What does that mean? Well, I’m not a regular dad, I’m a cool dad. I love shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking pictures of myself at the gym (but not actually working out), making others laugh, but I especially LOVE my family and spending time with them—hence the reason I go to the gym at 4:30 am.

Does this make me special? Not at all. I’m just a dad that has fun at life and if I can make one person laugh, then I’m good. Really, I just love showing people that parenting is different for everyone and this is what I’m doing and it seems to be working.

For all of my new and old readers I thought I’d take a minute and introduce my family.

Spring is Here, Dress it Up With Sir Wylde by The Modern Dad


Let’s just put it out there—I’m adopted.  I know, who knew? Actually, I look quite similar to both my parents, but was brought to them in a nontraditional way. Having grown up in Taylorsville, Utah you’d never believe I lived to tell this tale based on the growing up years. I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fresno, California. I love to sing, dance, and make people laugh. Went to school all over, but finally graduated from Westminster College in communications. I am currently working full-time at Stampin’ Up! doing their digital communications and social media. I was single for a decade and when I met my wife “I knew!” We met in the end of June and were married by October. I put a ring on that and have been so lucky to have her bless my life.


Emily grew up in Holladay, Utah. She is the ultimate woman! She loves to sew and has been teaching lessons for almost 20 years. And taught 2nd grade for seven years and five of those were in a Spanish immersion program. She loves bringing out the best in people and has been directing elementary school musicals for 11 years doing just that! She is the the party person and loves to gather friends and family through food. During her single years she held weekly then monthly crepe parties for singles all over the valley. Due to her love of making memories through food, she began a blog to share her favorite recipe finds. She is the perfect mother for our children and my absolute best friend.


Nixon is five and loves anything sports. Daily he practices basketball, soccer, baseball, or football and that means we all play a lot of sports too. He has the best imagination and I love listening to his creative play. His imagination with Legos, army guys, knights, pirates and anything Star Wars is contagious. He is the best big brother and the kindest friend. He is our best helper and wants so badly to please.


Olive is three and a whole lot of girl. She loves dollies, dress-ups, art, and playing school. She loves princesses and will always correct you if you happen to call her by the wrong princess name of the day;  “You mean Cinderella!” She has become quite the little tease and has her daddy’s personality. The happiest when she is taking care of her brothers. And she is not afraid of anything and is becoming quite the cheerleader and athlete like her brother.


Baby Will is almost two! He is quick to hug and has started to talk a little. Although he will always be our baby, he is not so baby any more. He loves balls and can shoot both right and left handed. Always wanting to be one of the big kids.  He is also our little trouble maker and has flushed many odd items down the toilet and has figured out how to climb on the kitchen counters.

The Modern Dad

As for The Modern Dad, I decided to create this blog as a place for me to put out my opinions, thoughts, ideas and everything about parenting, but from a dad’s perspective. I started the blog right after the birth of Nixon. As I was researching specific products I found all of the reviews came from mothers. I knew I had a voice that could change the world and was excited to start sharing it. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but all the time people would ask me where I got something or why I liked it and once I told them they had to get it too.

It is also nice to have a guy’s perspective to show your husband and say, “Look honey! The Modern Dad likes it. We should like it too!” See how that works ladies? I like a lot of the same things you like, but now you have a guy’s side to show your husband and make the purchasing process a little bit easier.

So thank you for being a part of this journey! We love your support and interest in our modern family!