Consistency is Key

This post was created in collaboration with Chase Freedom Unlimited. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If I have learned anything this year, it’s that consistency is key. Finishing another race this year has been something I thought was a thing of the past, but when I set myself up to achieve something, I will do everything it takes to get there. 

Two Simple Purchases

I have found two things that have really helped me get myself into better shape this year and make healthier habits more of a lifestyle. 

Upgrading apps. There are so many free apps that are absolutely wonderful, but if you are really going to do your best to hit the goals you’re working towards, you need to invest in yourself. 

I have been using an app that helps track running, biking, and movement in general. When you use the free version, you get a lot of the benefits that are offered, but when you upgrade it to the yearly payment plan you get so much more. 

By using my Chase Freedom Unlimited card for purchasing this app, I know that not only will the annual fee for the app will be covered, but I will also earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase—no matter what it is! Signing up for a race can be a little bit of a commitment, but isn’t that the point? You want to spend just enough that you feel committed to not giving up and not competing, but sometimes you don’t always have an extra $100-120 laying around, right?

Well, when you use a cash back credit card it makes signing up for a race easier. When I use my Chase Freedom Unlimited card I know that 1.5% of every purchase will come back to me as cash back, and I can use that money to sign up for races. 

What’s My Secret Sauce to Reaching a Goal?

Like I said, consistency is key. Getting all the things to complete a goal (apps, new clothes, signing up for a race) is nothing if you aren’t consistent. I work out every day, but what I have needed is fitness motivation. I like to post what I am doing on social media. I have an audience that cheers me on, and if I miss, they will let me know. 

Working out every day at 4:00 a.m. isn’t because it’s what I want to do it, but because I’ve made a habit of it. I don’t want to miss out on time away from my family when they are awake. So, years ago I started waking up early so that I could work out and not be away from that precious time when they first get up. They are my fitness motivation and I’ve been setting my alarm daily to stay on track. 

Running has become fun. I know that as I run and am consistent about it, that I will not only reach my goal of getting healthy, but maybe even run more races than I ever thought I would. Never in my life did I think I would be into running and achieving what I have, but here I am, and I am excited for the journey ahead.

What’s Next?

Running outside is finally becoming more and more of a habit. I know that if I am going to run in a race, a treadmill isn’t ideal, but come those winter months I will need something. When I make a purchase like that, I really want to get the best option for me.

I am currently deciding between two different treadmills, but finding the one that is exactly what I am wanting has been hard. All I know is that I will be putting this on my Chase Freedom Unlimited card so I can get that 1.5 % cash back. Just another way to earn cash back, while also getting something I want. It’s a win, win!

Now, I just need to pick! Do you have any suggestions on treadmills? Tell me your favorites and stay tuned to see what I end up getting after testing a bunch and researching the right option.