Birthday Traditions

Are you a birthday lover? Is there something so special about birthdays that you remember every single year? Birthday traditions have been a huge part of my life and here I share with you a few of our traditions and what we want to start doing.

My Birthday Traditions

::my sixth birthday::

I love birthdays—I always have! (I mean, really, who doesn’t?) My mom was great about making sure we felt special on our birthdays and she always planned amazing parties full of treats and surprises that would make any kid happy. 

One of the traditions she still does to this day is baking any cake we request. For me, I always did a Snoopy cake. My sister still gets a heart cake because she was born around Valentine’s Day. This is a tradition I have always loved and will always remember.

Birthday Traditions We’ve Started

As a dad, I try to make sure my kids feel special on their birthdays as well. We plan fun birthday parties (like the pirate and mermaid themed party from a couple months ago). And when the kids are in bed the night before their birthday, Emily and I get everything ready. We blow up balloons, hang banners and streamers, and make sure we have treats ready for the next day. 

When they wake up, it’s like magic. They are so excited every time—and that’s why it’s my favorite tradition. I love when they walk out to the front room to find their presents and balloons to celebrate them on their day. We all sit around singing “Happy Birthday,” then the paper is torn, smiles are shared, and we eat whatever breakfast item they choose.

A New Birthday Tradition

I was recently talking about birthday traditions with my friend. In her family, there was a special set of dishes her mom only used for birthdays. I loved the idea, so she showed me the dishes she has now, and I had to get them. You should check them out (and while you’re there, look at the cute coordinating birthday cards). This tradition is such a simple way to make anyone feel special on their birthday and it’s perfect for kids or adults. 

Emily’s birthday is next in our family, but I am going to be on a work trip in Australia. I think I’ll have Nixon pull the dishes out so she remembers how special she is to all of us. 

What birthday traditions did you grow up with? Which ones survived your journey into adulthood? Tell me everything.