Welcome to My 2020 Goals

Goal setting has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whether that means I am setting multiple goals that I want to achieve for the year or it’s just one I am focusing on. I will be sure to achieve what I set because I put it out in the universe.

Are you a believer of that theory? Writing out your goals so that it’s something you see and keep visible all the time? I know that works, so this year I am making sure I am pushing myself with the goals I am setting. Yes, they are going to be hard and push me, but they are going to be doable as long as I stay focused—all year long!

Long End Goal This Year

The past couple of years I have set the goal of finishing a marathon. Those took me through the year to complete, even though I only do a 16-week training program (get that training program here). This year I am working towards hitting a goal that I want to do before my 40th birthday (January 2022)—finishing an Ironman.

This year though, I will get halfway there by finishing a half Iranman. Still a huge accomplishment and something that I know will push me out of my comfort zone. Yes, I have completed three sprint triathlons and normally you would just go for the Olympic length, right? No! I am wanting to hit a goal doing a half Iranman this year will help me get there.

That means I need to get a bike, get running again, work on my swimming, and find the perfect trainer. Get ready to watch this goal this year and if you have any tips, anything would be great!

Learn and Grow

Never have I been one to fix, build, or remodel something myself. Growing up if you needed this done, you hired the best to do it. Well, if I want something done a certain way I do it myself. That is why I am going to learn how to remodel, and I am starting with our kids bathroom.

But here is where I really want to push myself. I want to fix up a simple corner of our backyard. We love to have friends and family over, especially in the summer. I want a place we can gather and enjoy the yard we wanted when we found this house.

That means, add more of a patio, build up a short wall with dirt for gardening, and find the perfect outdoor furniture to gather us together. Thankfully this will have to be pushed for when the weather clears, but it’s something I have been wanting again since we moved in and so I will make it happen.

Important Reading

#12DaysofGiveaways | Making Memories With Chatbooks by The Modern Dad

Years and years I have set the goals of reading more. Reading a certain number of books a month, but this year I am changing it.

Yes, I am going to read (well, listen to) more books, but this year I have one very important book I want to focus on—The Book of Mormon. This will be the year I am going to finish this book, learn from it, and show my kids my love for a book I rarely read.

It’s time to start making a change. I know that when I do this, It’s going to make other things in my life change that I need and I am excited for it. Thankfully I found a simple chart to help make this a little easier. Check it out here.

Attitude Adjustment

I have a tendency to have a bad attitude about things: work, things that are out of my control, small things that upset me, etc. It’s time to make it stop.

Things at work are out of my control, but a lot of the time I let things bother me. What I am going to do is just brush things off. Not let them affect me the way they do because it’s coming home with me and I am sick of bringing that negativity into my home.

Do you get upset over little things your kids/spouse do? I do it all the time and these are the people that mean the most to me. This year I am really going to work on treating them the way they deserve.

Recap, My 2020 Goals

That’s it! My 2020 goals are simple, but what I am super excited to finish this year. This year, here is what I will complete:

  1. Finish a half Ironman
  2. Remodel kids bathroom
  3. Extend our back patio
  4. Read The Book of Mormon
  5. Change my attitude at work and home

Look out 2020, The Modern Dad is ready to take you on.