10 EASY Valentines for Kids

The last few years we have tried to be creative with Valentines. Emily finds the perfect theme, purchases the treat or toy, and then creates a simple printable to tie it all together. It isn’t hard to type up a little phrase and print out multiples. Then the kids assemble them.

I’ve found ten super cute Valentine ideas for kids and have linked all of the accessories for your convenience. You can get some of the printable for free and others you have to purchase. But really we just use these as launching points to create similar Valentines.

This year we have two kids doing Valentines, but will only create one of these ideas for their classes and friends. Most of the purchased links come in larger quantities so you could easily create Valentines for 2 or 3 classes.

Love is a Battlefield

Get a pack of 200 army men here for $9.

I  CHEWS you!

I Chews You Valentine Idea and Printable
Get 2 pounds of mini gum balls here for $19.

You’re a CUTIE.

Great healthy option for a Valentine's Day treat! Free printable "you're a cutie" Valentines are an easy candy free alternative kids will love.

You’re EX-STRAW Special

Printable Valentine's You're Ex-Straw Special Favor image 0
Get 60 crazy straws here for $11.

You’re a GEM of a Friend!

GEM OF A FRIEND Valentines Tag image 0
Get 40 Ring Pops here for $15.

Wild Thing

wild thing 5
Get 52 mini animals here for $11.

You are a SUNsational Valentine!

Blog Image
Get 30 pouches here for $6.

You are DINOmite!

you are dinomite tiny animal valentine- this is such a cute and easy non candy idea! just print and add toy printable!
Get a 72 piece set here for $9.

NACHO average Valentine!

nacho valentines
Get a pack of 40 here for $11.

Our class would KNOT be the same without you!

Knot Valentines PRINTED Friendship Bracelet Valentine's image 0
Get 144 bracelets here for $9.99.

You BLOW my mind!

Get 340 pieces of Double Bubble here for $14.