Break a Leg

Things are finally coming to a close with the elementary school musical that my wife and I are directing. I really am not a fan of kids, but helping with this musical makes me enjoy being around them and getting to know them better.  It’s like we become family and I love watching these kids succeed.


It’s amazing what kids can do if you let them. Most schools have the parents make the scenery and basically control the entire production. My wife had the genius idea of getting the entire school involved: creating scenery, props, etc. It has won the school over and has gotten the kids to really be excited about the entire creative process.  Every student kindergarten- 6th grade helps with some part of the play and even learns part of a dance for a special number.

the kids

Even though we play a big part in the overall production, the kids are the ones doing most of the work.  We have student directors and stage crew running lights, sound, moving scenery, making sure people are where they should be these are 8-12 year olds. All in all, the kids are creating the show and we just help them along the way. It’s an amazing process.

Al, Jasmin, Genie

Well, this weekend the Aladdin Jr. opens and we couldn’t be more excited. These kids have worked so hard and really are going to be phenomenal. I couldn’t be more proud. They have put so much time and devotion into this it’s amazing and I can’t wait for all their parents, siblings, friends, and relatives to watch them shine.  It is incredible to see the confidence and energy that surges the school as the kids participate in this event.  It is the highlight of our spring.

::working while working. two birds with one stone::

::working while working. two birds with one stone::

Seats are still available if you are interested at William Penn Elementary. Shows are Tonight @ 7pm, Friday @ 3pm and @7pm and closing show is Monday @ 7pm.  Tickets are $3 and it is worth every cent.


  1. 04.10.2014 / 3:32 pm

    don’t know how you do it all with a baby 😀 You guys are the best!!

  2. Karen Ericson
    04.10.2014 / 10:13 pm

    It was fabulous! Good job, you two!