Homeschool Starter Kit

Do you feel like this homeschooling thing is going to be a struggle? You don’t know what you use? You have no idea where to start? You are lost? Well, thankfully I have a wife that has put a starter kit together just for you. Here you will find the simple tools to get for simple homeschooling projects. This may be a while that we are doing this, so you should be as prepared as possible.

This month went from sunshine and rainbows to isolation an earthquakes in our home. As a former 2nd grade teacher and advocate for all things education, I feel like it’s my duty to help families make this transition a little easier.

So what do you really need to make learning fun? The answer is not a whole lot. You have everything you need right inside your home. Sometimes having a few little things can make learning a little more exciting. We try to add a few things to our collection on birthdays and holidays. Here are a few things that might help save you some time and bring a few simple resources into your home.

Learning Posters

This is a great pack because it can be used from preschool to upper grades. Having these tools can help guide you as a parent to know what they might need. Also placing familiar learning posters in your home might make it feel more like school. We have a specific room where our home school takes place and it has helped our kids associate learning with a specific location inside our home.

Dry Erase Pocket Sleeves

You might be better than me, but I am using more ink than ever before. These pocket sleeves are great to make one copy, place in the sleeve, complete the assignment and then clear the sleeve. You can save and reuse the original copy, saving you ink. Plus they come with markers too.

Pocket Cube Dice

There are so many activities you can do with these dice. You can put questions, numbers, colors or letters inside them. The options are endless. Plus, buy one and split them with friends or neighbors.

Pattern Blocks

Every grade uses these shapes. You can sort them, name them, graph them, build things with them. compose and decompose them. These are one of my must have manipulatives.

Money and Time

Money and time in different forms are key learning skills for all elementary grades. Having a few tools to help foster that learning will help your child succeed.

This set has both time and money for $14.00.
This set has multiple activities for $12.00.
This set has multiple learning activities for $12.00.

Remember, the greatest teachers in the world are the ones who make you feel like the smartest, kindest, most incredible person in the world. Don’t focus so much on what you are teaching but more on how you are teaching.

For more free resources, check out my TeachersPayTeachers account.