Our 2023 Gift Guides for Everyone

You loved them, so I figured why have I not put them all in one spot for you to access at anytime. Sorry it took me so long to get this one here for you, but hey! Better late than never, right?

When it comes to gift guides I feel like there isn’t a perfect one for everyone, but usually there is always something on there for you.

I decided to break them all down to be a little more specific to make finding the things you want super easy. From puzzles and cheaper gift ideas to clothes for him and her, toys for the kids, and even stuff for your parents/in-laws.

Okay, lets get into it, shall we?

Gifts Under $40

Sometimes we think that gifts have to be fancy or cost more, but we have a collection of great gift ideas that are all under $40. Just simply glancing over this list, there are things we clearly have a major love for. My personal favorites are: Stanley 40 oz tumbler, back scratchers, notebooks, and our entire family loves playing Five Crowns and Skyjo. But honestly, we love everything on this list. So check them all out and know whoever you gift these to will love them too.

Simple Gifts for $10

Do you have favorite things party or need an idea for a great gift, but don’t want to spend a bunch? I feel like $10 can really get amazing gift ideas and here are some good ones! Check out all these awesome $10 gift ideas, but really that collection of face masks are great, mini waffle makers are wonderful, cute gold hoop earrings and so much more. Check out all the options!

Clothes for Her

Emily has always been one to buy her clothes on Amazon. It’s easy because they have really stepped it up with quality and you can’t ever beat their quickness. Here are a few things Emily currently has in her Amazon cart. Will they end up at our house? Probably, but you should do the same thing too. Aren’t they all so cute? Yes, yes they are!

Clothes for Him

If you know anything about me, you know my love for clothes. My style if very preppy and here are some of my absolute favorite things! From brands like Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines you can’t go wrong. I have a collection of Nixon watches that are so classic. Then I have a big collection of white shoes, and these white Nike’s are on my feet 24/7. But check out everything because it’s all so good!

Gifts for the Boys

Have a son you don’t know what to get for Christmas? Here are some things our boys love that we are getting them. That paper airplane book is used everything single day by our boys. They love it! It’s great because they can make paper planes over and over again. Now, the card holder our boys have multiple to hold all their basketball, football, and baseball cards. If your boys have a team they love, a hat or jersey is always a win! The best part is, you can check out all the best gifts for boys here.

Gifts for the Girls

Little girls can be tricky to shop for, but honestly they can be super easy to shop for because there is always sooo much cute stuff to get for little girls. After the Eras Tour everyone is wanting beaded bracelets and this kit is perfect! We love out Tonie’s and the girls love having their own Tonies to listen to anytime. So many great wooden toys, but this kitchen is phenomenal. We have multiple Cuddle & Kind stuffed animals. I probably have gotten them each one every Christmas. It’s become a tradition and thankfully there are so many cute ones. Check out the entire collection of cute little girl Christmas gifts.

Gifts for Parents/In-Laws

Sometimes parents and in-laws are the hardest to shop for because they already have everything. Well, here is a collection of things they probably don’t have, but need and will actually love. A gorgeous vase (not an urn…all thought that would be hilarious depending on your relationship). If your parents are anything like mine, they are always wanting images of the grandkids and family. A digital frame everyone if the family can send pictures to is so easy! La Creuset makes the best stuff, and so a dutch oven in a cute color will be a hit for sure. Maybe you father-in-law is a watch guy, this Nixon watch is classic. Really though, this collection of gift ideas for parents and in-laws is fantastic!

Favorite Puzzles

We (and by we, I mostly mean Emily) love puzzles. There is something about when it’s cold and snowy outside to just pull our a cute, fun puzzle. Here is a collection of holiday themed and just gorgeous puzzles. When I say we own every single one of these, I am not joking. This is just the tip of our puzzle collection iceberg.