Our Closet Organization Must Haves

You know we love to be organized! We have a spot for everything in our house. One of our favorite areas that we organized is our primary closet.

Before the remodel, we each had three feet by six feet of closet to store our clothes and two drawers in our dresser. We had bins under the bed, in the garage and even in some of the kids rooms.

We rotated in and out our wardrobes seasonally and it always felt like Christmas when the bins were brought out.

Now we have a bit more space and it is so fun seeing what we have and being able to wear it all too. Here are a few of our organizational must haves.

Jewelry Displays

For some it might not seem necessary, but being able to see what you have helps you use what you have! Emily found this fun bracelet/watch display for $37. The tubes just lift off so you can add and remove items easily. She has loved how it displays what she has and reminds her to use it too.

Necklaces are always hard to store so that they don’t tangle. This stand not only looks good but for just $15 will save you the headache of untangling them every time you go to wear them.

Emily isn’t a big watch gal, but she put a few on the bracelet storage, but I have quite a few watches. This watch box not only looks sleek, but is a much better way for me to keep, see, and wear my watches.

Accessory Storage

Ties and belts are the most awkward things to store. In the past I was storing my belts on a hook in the closet. To get a certain belt, he would have to remove all of the belts from the hook. It wasn’t convenient or effective.

When I found this belt organizer, I knew not only would it look good, but it would also be time saving too.

Ties are the other hard thing to store. I don’t know about you, but they either were hanging on the tie hanger or on the floor. Plus, the same six ties were always worn because sifting through the ties on the bottom was never an option. It was all about quick and easy.

Then I found these tie organizer bins. They fit so many ties and allow you to see all of them, store them with care and eliminate them all slipping to the floor. They also come in a 2 pack, so you can do ties, socks, or something else.

Similar Style Hangers

We love keeping things uniform. All of our hangers match. We have loved the velvet, non slip hangers for our clothing. They are slim and keep the clothing on the hangers rather than the floor.

So when we finished the closet, we knew we’d need something similar for hanging skirts and shorts that was also black. We have loved these skirt/pant hangers. They come in a pack of 30 for $26 and are perfect for those tricky items to hang.

Stacking Dividers

Of coarse we have folded clothing on our shelves and the only problem with that is keeping them stacked. So when we found these acrylic dividers, I knew it would be a life saver for our closet stacking needs.

They slide easily over the shelf and stay vertical so that items can be stored on either side. A pack of 8 will allow you to create more storage space in our current closets, cupboards, or shelves.

Laundry Bins

We have shared these before, but we love them! They are not only light to carry, but they also hold their shape so well. We actually bought them for every person in our family.

We have the grey, the girls have pink, and the boys have blue. Vertical storage is the best way for us to maximize our space especially with laundry bins. Plus, they are only $16!

Structured Storage Bins

Emily is the queen of storage bins. She has a shelf in the garage with different sizes, types and styles of storage bins. So when I say, she loves these bins, I’m not kidding. They are similar fabric to the laundry bins, but these baskets have two wire foldable ends that help the bins hold their structure.

It also allows you to collapse them if needed for easier storage. They have different colors and sizes too. I love that I can add a fun stripe detail to a closet but keep the contents hidden from view.

If you didn’t want to organize your space before, I bet you have the itch to get started now! If you’re interested in our favorite organizational items, check them out here!