Our Kitchen Inspiration

Where does our kitchen inspiration come from? Well, I am glad you asked! Here is all the information on why we decided that we wanted to remodel our house, but specifically our kitchen. Then, Emily has been hard at work coming up with the whole entire look and feel of it all.

Why remodel our kitchen?

One of the major reasons we wanted to do a remodel is so that we could have a place for gathering. Making connections with friends and family is a priority for us, but our space limited the time of year and number of guests we could accommodate.

The kitchen is the center of our home and we spend most of our time connecting in that room. So as we made plans to upgrade the focal point of our home, there were a few things we had in mind, functionality for hosting and a gathering place for our family.

If you look at our original kitchen, we could barely fit our family around the table. In fact, unless we were eating, the table was pushed into the corner to make room for traffic flow in the room. We had very little counter space and the kitchen had the capacity of 6-8 standing adults. When we hosted, we would place a folding table in the front room which would take up it’s entirety or use our outside patio area, depending on the weather.

How it all began

We started brainstorming and Emily began to draw rough sketches of how we could make our little home more suitable for our needs. We found an amazing architect, Daniel Lofgren of Clayburn Architects and he literally made our dreams a reality.

For over a year we went back and forth with home designs and vision boards to create the entire feel of our home. As for the design, we wanted something sleek and timeless. We didn’t need fancy, we wanted function with pinches of classy.

Emily spent hundreds of hours researching, browsing Pinterest, and driving neighborhoods to get just the look and feel we were going for. You may know what you want until you have to make a decision and then you go back and check and recheck all of your favorite sources.

Kitchen Vision Board and Sources

Here is the vision board for our kitchen.

We have honestly been so happy with the entire process! We did our cabinets through TrimArt.

The moment we sat down with them, we knew we would walk away with exactly what we wanted. They have been meticulous and amazing to work with and we can’t wait to see them installed!

We found our countertops at Dal Tile. Have you ever gone looking for a slab? It is like finding your mate. So many bad ones until you find something you keep going back to. That is how it was with us!

We stopped dead in our tracks when we saw the quartzite Taj Mahal. It was so obvious, we walked through the whole warehouse one more time to make sure and went right back to it.

We are using Out of the Woods to install the countertops and they have been absolutely amazing to work with.

Fluted Farmhouse Sink

The details of the kitchen have been the most difficult to choose.

I knew for sure that I wanted a fluted farmhouse sink and found this one for the most incredible price.

We love the faucet we found in polished nickel and think it will go wonderfully with the rest of the kitchen.

The pendant lights have been the most difficult to choose. There are 5,000 choices and there wasn’t one that really stood out to us.

Then we saw this one and felt like it was the perfect match.

We decided to go with Farrow and Ball, Shaded White for the cabinets. It is a little more warm that a natural white but still provides a clean, classic look.

For the island we chose Farrow and Ball, De Nimes.

We have several hardware options for the kitchen that we purchased from Top Knob.

We have knobs, pulls, latches and cup pulls.

Our tile for the kitchen and bathrooms all come from Majestic Imports.

They are amazing to work with and helped us find exactly what we were looking for! If you stop by, tell them I sent you and they will get you anything you need (they will do that anyways, FYI).

It seems so simple to put all of this into a post, but the reality is that it represents hundreds of hours of meetings, research and shopping.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks it will all be installed. We have absolutely loved our contractor, Duncan Frazier, they have helped make our vision a reality.