May Favorites

Are you ready for our May roundup? We love sharing things that make our lives easier and hope to make yours a little better too! Here are a few of our favorite things and yours too!


Skylight Calendar

On the pricier side, but well worth the expense. We have loved having it especially at the kick off of summer. We love having the family calendar that is synced to our phone calendars. The amount of questions concerning our days has greatly diminished.

Hands down our favorite feature is the daily todo lists for the kids. There are basic items like brush teeth and make bed. Then we go into more complex items, chores, reading, computer. All things have to be checked off before they can have a playdate or family adventure.

Not only does it provide a digital calendar for all to see, chore chart for the kids, but it’s a digital frame. We take so many pictures on our phone and never show them anywhere (other than Instagram). It’s been nice to send them to the frame so that the kids can see them too.

With all that, it definitely felt like it was worth the cost and just saving the questions from everyone asking what’s going on—worth it!

Baskets and Liners

Keep your summer dishes to a minimum with these plastic baskets and liners. Put a paper in the basket, serve their lunch and throw the liner away. It will save your sanity this summer!

Believe me, it is well worth the $20! Then when you need more liners, you can order those because you already have the baskets.

Plus, they are just a fun way to change things up for the kids. They feel like we are going out to eat, when really it’s just something we had thrown in the air fryer.

Happy Salmon

I don’t know about you, but we’re always looking for things to keep our kids entertained and off screens. This is a fast paced game that is perfect for big groups or small crowds. It will be keep your family moving and might get a little loud. Check it out!

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We did a little family road trip to Yellowstone and the biggest tip we got was to get a pair of binoculars for each child. These $10 pairs were perfect for our littles.

They loved looking at all of the animals and far away trees. We can’t wait to take them with us on little nature hikes this summer or to the zoo.

Wasp Decoy

Tiktok taught us that wasps are territorial. So if they see a wasp nest, they won’t set up camp.

We had quite a few when we moved back into our home and so we bought a pack. One decoy did the trick! It even tricked our family, they were all worried about our giant nest. They come in a pack of 4, so you can share them with family or neighbors.

S Hooks

This item might seem strange, but we were so sick of towels strung all over our garage that we ordered these to hang them on.

They can still be in the garage, but they all have their place and the kids can hang them up themselves. So if you have the same problem, this might just be the perfect solution.

Faux Hydrangea

We love having faux flowers in our home because we can’t keep real plants alive to save our own life! It makes us smile every time we see them.

These white hydrangeas are perfect to make a little space a bit happier and look great!

The Perfect Set

You heard me! This set is going to be Emily’s summer staple. It is a linen like fabric and literally goes with everything.

She has it in two colors and can’t wait to get more! Probably red and light blue might be her next ones. They are easy to add to or mix and match, plus for $42, you can’t beat the price!

Here are some of her favorite female fashion finds.


Would it even be summer without hats? The answer is no! We feel like summer gives everyone permission to dress down and be comfortable.

We have quite the hat collection and enjoy having them add a little bit of color to any outfit.

Here are a few of our favorite hats.

Shark Cordless  Vacuum

When we moved we knew we’d need something quick to clean up the floors with.

For $119, this vacuum has exceeded our expectations! It is light, easy to maneuver and picks up every crumb. Save your back and your sanity!

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This might seem silly, but these shutters have brought us so much joy!

They are a fraction of the cost of every other place we checked out and look amazing. We smile every time we pull up to our home and are so lucky we found them that we had to share it!

If you are wanting to add a little extra upgrade to your home without a major cost, check out these shutters.

Ninja Creami

Summer always brings sweet treats! The Ninja Creami has literally saved our lives this summer! We make a batch pretty much every single night.

You can’t beat an entire pint of ice cream for 100 calories. Plus, it’s so simple! Seriously, we were skeptical until we got it and started making them ourselves.

Trust me though, get the extra containers. Then you can make a few flavor options (or all the same) and have them ready for when you are wanting that late night sweet treat.

If you’re looking to start or want more recipes, containers or our amazing frother/blender that this is the link for you!