Best Potatoes, Even for a Funeral

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Funeral Potatoes: shredded potatoes, sour cream, cream of chicken and cheese.

Utah is known for a few things when it comes to food, one of them being funeral potatoes. Every family has their own recipe on how to make them and really they’re all great, but this one is the best (and easiest).

But why are they called funeral potatoes?

Look, I am no historian, but it’s my understanding that they are called that because they are what everyone brings to a funeral here in Utah.

They are easy to make, most people love them, and you can make a large serving easily. For us, that is a win. But you don’t have to make them just for funerals. We frequently make them for Sunday dinner as a side with steak or grilled chicken and they are perfect.

Emily’s favorite food

Emily has one favorite food. It’s slightly ridiculous, but sour cream potatoes (also known as funeral potatoes) are her absolute favorite! She could literally eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In fact, growing up on her birthday her mom would make two pans because she loved them so much. She doesn’t know what it is about them that turn her taste buds on, but this will always be one of her favorite dishes.

So clearly I had to learn how to make them so make sure she was always getting her favorite meal on her birthday, and really all throughout the year.

We love simple sides

If you want someone that is not only easy for you to make, but a simple dish to teach your kids how to make it, this is the one!