I’m Irish, Of Course I’ll Wear Green for St Patrick’s Day

Isn’t it a funny tradition to wear green on St Patrick’s Day? Of course it is! Who are we kidding, a lot of traditions we do for these holiday’s are silly. But yet we continue to do them and when you have little kids you most likely are participating in every single one.

Now, being Irish, I don’t want to get pinched on St Patrick’s Day, so I most definitely will be wearing green. The thing is, you don’t have to be obnoxious about it. That is why I am giving you some suggestions on things you and your whole family can wear.

Great part about these, they don’t have to be worn only on that one day, but year round. If I am buying clothes, I want to have something I can wear more than the one day. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Are you a pincher?

Ah, the pinching tradition – a cheeky and sometimes surprising addition to the St. Patrick’s Day festivities! While there’s no ancient legend or profound historical background behind it, the pinching tradition is believed to be a playful and mischievous way to remind folks to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.

The idea is simple: If you’re caught not wearing green on this day of emerald revelry, you might find yourself on the receiving end of a good-natured pinch. It’s like a friendly reminder to get into the St. Paddy’s Day spirit or face the consequences – albeit lighthearted ones.

Some theories suggest that the pinching custom originated in American classrooms. In this setting, mischievous classmates would use the lack of green attire as an excuse to playfully pinch their unsuspecting peers. It’s a bit like a secret code among friends – if you’re not wearing green, you might get pinched!

Over time, the tradition has spread beyond schoolyards and become a whimsical part of the larger St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Friends, colleagues, and even strangers might partake in the pinching fun, all in good spirits, of course. It’s a delightful way to add a dash of mischief to the sea of green during this festive day.

So, if you find yourself considering skipping the green ensemble on St. Patrick’s Day, beware – a pinch might be lurking just around the corner. Embrace the tradition, play along, and remember, it’s all in the name of good-natured fun on this day of leprechaun-approved shenanigans!

Will I wear green? Well, I won’t get pinched. So, yes!

I think it’s safe to say I won’t be wearing a “Kiss me, I’m Irish” shirt this year (but you know I owned that in junior high and high school). But I for sure will be wearing green in one form or another.

The thing I love about wearing green in general is that it’s such an easy tradition to participate in and most people look rather good in a little bit of green.

So to make it easier for you, here are a few of our favorite ways to include some green into your St. Patrick’s Day outfit that can also be worn year round.

Looks for Him

  1. Brooks Brothers | Cotton Pique Stretch Polo Shirt $89.50
  2. Lacoste | Solid Big Croc Cap $36.61
  3. Aviator Nation | Ninja Pullover Hoodie $207.00
  4. Lacoste | Color Contrast Cotton Oxford Shirt $150.00
  5. Tracksmith | Tracksmith Crew $120.00
  6. Ralph Lauren | Gingham Oxford Shirt $116.19
  7. Autry | CLC Low Top $235
  8. Lacoste | Elite Active Sneakers $150.00
  9. Reebok | Unisex-Adult Bb 4000 Ii Sneaker $90.00

Looks for Her

  1. Amazon | KIRUNDO Cap Sleeve Lightweight Sweater Vest $30.99
  2. Anthropologie | The Somerset Maxi Dress $168
  3. Amazon | Saodimallsu Cap Sleeve Lightweight Sweater Pullover $33.98
  4. Anthropologie | The Darcey Popover Swing Top $88.00
  5. Amazon | Saodimallsu Short Puff Sleeve Knit Pullover $28.99
  6. Albion Fit | Sage Jetsetter’s $88.00
  7. Nordstrom | Veja V-90 Leather Sneaker $180.00
  8. Nordstrom | Adidas Gazelle Sneaker $100.00
  9. Free People | 327 Sneakers $100.00

Looks the Kids will Love

  1. Boden | Overall Dress $56.00
  2. Boden | Ribbed Short Sleeve T-Shirt $18
  3. J Crew | Half-zip cotton pullover $55.00
  4. Vineyard Vines | Boys’ Clean Slub Breton Stripe Pocket Tee $28.00
  5. Lacoste | Regular Fit Petit Piqué Polo $55.00
  6. Boden | Fun Leggings $24.00
  7. J Crew | Girls’ rainbow beaded bracelets three-pack $29.50
  8. J Crew | Boys’ pier short in stretch twill $45.00
  9. Nordstrom | Gazelle Low Top Sneaker $70-80.00
  10. Amazon | AIWIEP Kids Smart Watch $29.68
  11. Nike | Air Jordan 4 Retro SE Craft $160.00